iPhone 2.0 Software Beta announced

iPhone 2.0 Software Beta announced
Today Apple announced the iPhone 2.0 Software Beta, scheduled to be released in late June. The new version will include SDK, beta of which can now be downloaded by anyone. Selected developers will also have access to beta of the iPhone 2.0 software to test their applications.

The 2.0 version will come with App. Store as an icon in the main menu, allowing the customers to download (buy) applications. Various programs will be available including, such as AIM messenger, games, with a few titles (Spore from EA Mobile) already announced, etc.

The new 2.0 software version will also include support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync which will make the iPhone more attractive for corporate users. It would allow for push email, contacts and calendars, similar to BlackBerry phones or smartphones running on Windows Mobile.

source: Apple



1. BENTOS Wireless unregistered

That's freakin weird. Will 3G be available when V2.0 is out?

2. steviecrackberry unregistered

#1 are you ok there Sagat? Let see if iphone will be able to compete w/ BB 9xxx 3G... Does iphone have copy/paste yet? or half the things its missing?

3. George unregistered

This will be a good upgrade. The iPhone is of course cool, everyone knows it, but it is missing a lot. Hopefully this phone will come with 3G, and video capability. That part i find is stupid, it should be able to take videos...o, and LOWER THE PRICE!

4. unregistered

They article is talking about SOFTWARE version 2.0 NOT iPhone 2! Of course there will be no 3G support, as this is a hardware feature.

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