iOS users can commit Tweeticide for the low price of $0.99

iOS users can commit Tweeticide for the low price of $0.99
Ever take a look back at your past tweets and say, “What was I thinking?” Sometimes it really is amazing how much stupidity can come from 140 characters, but before you begin the arduous process of deleting them one by one, there is an app for iOS devices that will take care of the whole kit and caboodle.

Tweeticide allows you to commit Twitter suicide with the tap of a single button. Obviously, this is permanent and there is no way to recover your deleted tweets so make sure that you’re ready to start over. The advantage of Tweeticide over deleting you account is you are able to retain your screen name, followers, and direct messages.

So whatever your reasoning for wiping your Twitter account, head on over to the App Store to download Tweeticide for $0.99.

Tweeticide [iTunes Link]

source: RedmondPie


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