Sprint TV ads remind: uneasy moments are unlimited

Sprint TV ads remind: uneasy moments are unlimited

Sprint takes a mockumentary approach toadvertising in a series of TV ads promoting the company's unlimitedtalk, text and web plan. And what can pump up your holiday spiritmore than a gentle reminder that uneasy moments are unlimited? Theclips are just 30 seconds long but are packed with humor and worthyour time, even if you don't decide to choose the carrier's service.Sprint's commercials focus more on the $69.99 unlimited plan ratherthan on specific phones but we made sure you can pickyours easily with our CellPhones Holiday Gift Guide.

We are not going to spoil theexperience by revealing the plot andhave left the commercials below. In the meantime we will use themessage in theseads as a nice reminder to have more face time with our nearest anddearest. And we don't mean video calls. Enjoy!

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3. LaserX5 unregistered

Sprint should completely ashamed of themselves for making these despicable commercials. If they think these are the least bit funny, the joke is on them! There is nothing funny or humorous about telling someone bad news, and then acting like they don't give a crap about the person's feelings at all! Yea, what a better way to show how much better you'll be with your product than by showing people act like selfish, heartless monsters when they use it. Have you no shame, Sprint?

2. DoberDawn unregistered

I think these commercials are awful. What a ho-ho-horrible message we are sending? Get an unlimited plan so you can be a totally insensitive rude jerk? Why would I want to do that?

1. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Dude, I love these commercials. And I think it's smart that Sprint lets people know they are unlimited...although it might bite them in the butt if they switch to a finite data plan.

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