Motorola suing Apple

Motorola suing Apple
Motorola is the latest in the line of companies to target a lawsuit at Apple, claiming that the company infringed on 18 different patents.

It seems that there is a new lawsuit every day. Last week it was Nokia suing Apple, before that Microsoft was suing Motorola. It just never ends for all of these companies at war, especially with some serious funds at all of their disposals.

It isn’t at all clear what these 18 patents are, but they are apparently related to the way message traffic is distributed and other various things of that nature. Despite the lawsuit, Apple will plow on as this is hardly a blow to their pockets. They will probably just end up paying the settlement.

Let’s all sit back and watch and see who sues who next week, or maybe even tomorrow at the rate they are going.

source: TUAW
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