Motorola EM35 is said to have excellent sound

Motorola EM35 is said to have excellent sound
Motorola today announced the ROKR EM35, the latest addition to its music line. The new model is touted for its sound quality both during a call (thanks to Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology) and when listening to music, with headphones. According to Moto, “a unique algorithm enables music to sound as if it is playing in the space around your head, rather than inside of your eardrums”, which should result in higher sound quality. The EM35 features music dedicated keys on the front and the FastScroll digital wheel, known from the E8. It is the second Motorola to offer Widgets, which were announced with the cameraphone VE66. Like the latter, the EM35 is quad-band non-3G slider but unfortunately lacks Wi-Fi.
The Motorola MOTOROKR EM35 is expected to be available before the end of the year.

Motorola ROKR EM35 Specifications

source: Motorola



1. unregistered

nice phone

2. vzw fanman unregistered

im jw, why do carriers make phones without 3g? does it waist battery life? is it more expensive?

3. unregistered

i think the fact that it does not have 3g, it will be goin to t-mobile just like the last ROKR phone did.

4. qbyrd21 unregistered

Well rumor has it that the the moto linux java platform does not support 3G!! RAZR2 V8 ROKR E8 MOTOZINE ZN5 all run this OS but no 3G. While the RAZR V9 and V9m run synergy but have 3G. Just a lil tidbit to think about. But i hear the the chips dnt support 3G

6. unregistered

its not a smartphone most people wouldent use it for data just voice and music why make it 3g to just run down the battery

7. unregistered

i agree, i opted out of getting a 3g phone because for what i use my phone for, it wouldnt be useful for me.

5. unregistered

this phone looks great!!!

8. antmiu2 unregistered

how much US dollars would it cost unlocked?

9. ny 2 dr aka antmiu2 unregistered

please phone area or anybody!! 1. how much time of music playback can i get on heaadphones?? 2 it has video playback of RealVideo, is RealVideo = .rmvb? 3 up to how much the external memory (microsd) card can be expanded?? 4 how much will it cost more or less?

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