How to make use of OnePlus 5's nifty screen gestures

With all the customization options present on the OnePlus 5, it will really be a shame not to make use of all the neat software goodies that OnePlus has plastered all over its latest phone.

One of the most useful, yet often overlooked features you can make use of on your OnePlus 5, are the on-board gestures functionalities. Yeah, it's not a groundbreaking featurette but new adopters of the OnePlus 5 should absolutely know about.

So, how do you enable and manage these neat little features, and more importantly, should you? We think that you should, and here's how to do it:

We feel that these would be mighty useful to you. Do you own a OnePlus 5? Do you find these beneficial in your everyday activities? Let us know right below!


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