Cingular name still in use

SBC CEO Ed Whitacre announced earlier this month that they plan to re-brand Cingular to AT&T name. Cingular spokesman Mark Siegel, however, has clarified this statement saying that Cingular will continue to sell service all over the country under that brand. When forming Cingular, each parent company reserved the right to resell Cingular service under their own brand as part of a bundle of services including wireline telephone, high speed data as well as TV. Having recently completed a merger with with AT&T, SBC has the right to resell Cingular's service under their own brand in areas where the new AT&T is the local Telco. Cingular spokesman, however, pointed out that they will carefully consider any brand they allow the Cingular service to be sold under, which means that it's not as black-and-white as Whitacre first made it seem.



Source: (via Phonescoop)

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