Canadian without passport granted entry into the US with his iPad

Canadian without passport granted entry into the US with his iPad
A Canadian man was traveling from his home in in Quebec to the US and about half an hour before he reached the boarder in Vermont, realized that he had left his passport at home. Rather than turn around and retrieve proper documentation, Martin Reisch decided he would roll the dice and see if US official would accept the digital scan he had on his iPad.

Normally, a copy of identification is not sufficient to gain entry into the United States, but for whatever reason, Reisch was briefly detained, then allowed to continue his trek into the US with his scanned passport on his iPad. US Customs official have not issues a statement on the matter, so we don’t advise attempting to hop any US boarders armed with only your iPad just yet.

source: Electronista

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1. galaxyisking

Posts: 63; Member since: Nov 18, 2011

***ness.... what kind of news is this.... ....... and first.....

2. JGuinan007

Posts: 699; Member since: May 19, 2011

That US customs agent should be imprisoned or fired at least it's that easy to get terrorist or drugs into the country when our own customs agents do crap like this or perhaps the whole story is a bunch of BS

5. Socalvenom unregistered

why should the agent be fired? If Mr. Reisch has an official digital copy that can be scanned and verified and proves hes legitimate why shouldn't he be granted entry to the US? And another thing it's only a matter of time before everyone starts using digital passports sooner or later the paper ones will be banned if anything paper passports are easier to fabricate just like fake I.D's

8. SlimSoulja86

Posts: 660; Member since: Nov 03, 2011

In this age and time, I think one still needs proper document, LOL, just for the fun of it: with hollywood make up and fake scanner digital documents which you couldnt steal from its owner, you can easily go thru..... Myb in 10 years time when we ave proper security for digital passport, but for now, we don't and i think he should be fired as well #JustMyOwnOpinion

9. JGuinan007

Posts: 699; Member since: May 19, 2011

A digital copy is a copy not the original and can easily be faked.

3. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

It wasn't the iPad, it was the secret handshake of maple syrup producers that got him through

4. Nickmfnjackson

Posts: 101; Member since: Jan 21, 2010

"use the force" app... siri: you will let me into the us border patrol: I will let you into the us

6. plgladio

Posts: 314; Member since: Dec 05, 2011

Paperless world, a dream to come true :)

7. rami167

Posts: 7; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

So now All you need to enter in to US is an IPAPAD or SHIRI.....great I think i can afford that..

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