BlueAnt brings the V1 to market

BlueAnt brings the V1 to market
The BlueAnt V1, which we first saw back at CES, is finally available. Based off the Z9 we enjoyed quite a bit, the Z1 distinguishes itself by replacing buttons with voice commands, bring simplicity to a normally complicated genre. BlueAnt has scrapped the myriad of button combinations normally needed to activate headset functions and replaced them with the BlueGenie Voice Interface from Sensory, Inc. In addition to controlling the headset, voice dialing is actually part of the V1 making it independent of the phone. Like the Z9, the V1 incorporates dual microphones which allow background noise to be filtered via BlueAnt's proprietary Voice Isolation Technology. In addition to commands like "Pair Me," "Redial" and "Ignore Call" the V1 recognizes "Call GOOG-411," which shows how much BlueAnt is in tune with their market. The V1 lists at $129.99, but is available now from Amazon at $109.99.

via: cell phone digest



1. unregistered

i want it now.... as a matter of fact.... here i come

2. unregistered

Well...did you get it?

8. unregistered

yep ordered it earlier today =-)

3. unregistered

blue ants are awful. they look cool and have a good name, but man, i dont think ive ever sold one to somebody that wanted to smother it with peanut butter and let their dog eat it.

4. Sqube unregistered

You mean that you never old to someone who did NOT want to smother it with peanut butter and feed it to their dog, presumably. I find that rather unfortunate; it looked decent and the fact that its voice dialing is independent of the phone is kind of a big deal. But if that's how things are going to have to be... I guess I'll have to stick to longing for the Jawbone 2. Or maybe I could just wait unil the Jawbone 3, which is a bit less likely to be the size of my head.

5. stuntz unregistered

have you ever used a blue ant, these are great headsets.

7. unregistered

my z9 was the best headset ive ever used until the jb2, but it really is remarkable how great the jawbones are. blueant is without a doubt best of the rest though

6. unregistered

looks exciting, this is what people have been asking for....if only it had incoming caller id, that would be the perfect headset.

9. unregistered

The z9 and the Z9i were average headsets and the voice isolation wasnt even that good. The Multi function button is a pain in the A$$ . I have used these since they came out after CES and its a decent headset but not the best. If you want the best sound quality the Nokia BH-900 is the only headset I have tried that has superb quality sound. Jawbones are crap too. Besides be so damn heavy the mic doesnt filter out backround noise like they portray . It only turns the mic off when your not talking so it sounds like on the other end that person hung up. WE NEED BETTER BLUETOOTH dammit

10. unregistered

the JawBone works flawlessly, thats called U S E R E R R O R. Push the noise filtering button the back of the headset to cancel out the noise, if you dont push the button it works like a normal bluetooth ( battery saving mode ). And the new Jawbone is lighter than all the Motorola and LG ones on the market,so I think maybe you should be a bit more investigative before you point fingers.

11. unregistered

i would like, just once, for a headset to work as well as it's hyped to... i work for a cell company and i get to try out 99% of the headsets that come thru the door, and 99% of them are a dissapointment compared to their hype maybe this one will be better

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