Alltel announced the Samsung Delve

Alltel announced the Samsung Delve
As we reported last week, hoping to catch some of the fanfare that has surrounded the touchscreen phone market, Alltel announced the Samsung Delve, an Instinct-look alike with a full screen and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. This is the user interface that we've seen in a few European models, including the Pixon and the F480, allowing users to add customized widgets to the home screen.

The device comes equipped with a 3" 240x400 display, 2-megapixel camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth with stereo audio support and a GPS receiver. Like the Instinct, the Delve offers a microSD card slot for memory expansion. It can already be pre-ordered, and Alltel plans to launch it in retail stores on November 7th. It will cost $200 after a $100 mail-in rebate, $50 less than what we knew earlier.

Samsung Delve Specifications



1. unregistered

when are you guys gonna tell us about the alltel release of the touch diamond?

3. unregistered

It is already available

2. Jyakotu unregistered

So...Alltel gets like...a cheaper looking version of the Omina? Interesting.

4. bootyrocker unregistered

no they got a rip-off of an instinct, not the omnia. this is not a smartphone

5. unregistered

rip off? it has a completly different operating system than the instinct. And it is a less expensive version on the omni...scratch that, the omni is a full loaded bad ass device. this phone is a great phone w/o windows operating in the back ground. You wont get outlook but it has a pre-loaded email tortuial that will guide you to set up web access to email. ETF's with the big 3 we will soon be free from the carrie ball and chain.

6. unregistered

so.. its less expensive, doesnt run on windows, has none of the features, but yet you think its related to the omni? they have nothing in common exept parents and form factor. they are totally different phones.

15. unregistered

right idiot i said scratch that! keep using your star tac and quit haten

17. losers unregistered

you guys should spemd more time with chics or making money... is it a nice phone?,does it handles your needs such as web, email.... is there truly anything original in an electronic device in the last 10 years... get a life,,, your all rip offs of Dustin Diamond!!!!

21. unregistered


22. unregistered


7. unregistered

I dont get why alltel is getting these phones when the buyout from verizon is almost done...

8. unregistered

shh. lol no one is supposed to no apparently.

9. unregistered

there are no guarantees that the merger will go through and it would be against anti-competitive laws for alltel and verizon to do anything different until the merger is completed, according to legal "business as usual"

16. unregistered

the merger has already finalized... the two companies are just operating seperately until next year

25. unregistered

has it offically been approved yet?

10. unregistered

Look everyone, a Dare clone!

11. unregistered

If anything it's knockoff Instinct, based on the form and maker

12. asdfghjkl unregistered

Stop jockin on it! It's cute

13. roxanne unregistered

so if you get this phone are they going to make us buy the internet? like do we have to have internet on it or can we choose not to?

18. unregistered

yes, you are forced to get the internet. I had to up my plan from my nice low customized plan, to the $89.99 plan that includes unlimited texting (video and picture), nights starting at 7pm, 10 my-circle, unlimited internet, 500 mins. not horrible, but considering this is the route most phones are going... i'm not upset because it was going to happen sometime or another.

14. unregistered

the software is completly different that the instinct.the home screen is so sweet!!

19. unregistered

love this phone... still trying to figure it out. But it's a great phone with a lot of fun features.

20. unregistered

yall r bein big sissys yall kno u love that phone this is the best phone that has come out so shut up and stop saying wat the first guy said cuz that is all yall r doin SISSYS LIL GIRLS MOMAS LIL BABYS

23. unregistered

this phone is awesome. i like to rub poo on my nipples.

24. abcyesn unregistered

While the Samsung Instinct boasts touch-sensitive controls under the touchscreen display, the Samsung Delve appears to have three physical buttons instead. The rest of the specs are pretty much on par, offering you a 3.0-inch touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, HTML browser, and stereo Bluetooth. The Delve also gets equipped with US Cellular's navigation software and Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. The threaded email and SMS are pretty nice too. Read more on its fans website at I think the phone is pretty cool.

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