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Nokia asha 303 wifi problems

renderman 14 Jan 2013, 11:06 posted on

Hello there:

I'm trying to solve an issue with the Asha 303 before getting rid of it.

The wifi of the asha 303 doesn't work properly and the wifi sometimes work, sometimes it doesn't. The wifi is unstable and constantly disconnects. If I stop using the phone, for, say, 5 minutes the wifi disconnects even tough wlan search is ON. I have tried to connect to several wifi networks and the problem continues. The settings are properly configured and I have updated the phone's firmware to version 14.87, and have tried reinstalling the software using Ovi suite and the problem persists. The Nokia browser is unstable as well. The phone has problems switching from Wlan to the data packet feature. I use the wlan at home and (or work) if I go out and come back the phone doesn't automatically connects to the wifi when coming back from work. I have seen other S40 phones do that. I can't understand why my phone doesn't do that. Also, if I turn off the wlan search, the wifi stops working, the phone lags and I have to restore factory settings to use the phone again.
My operator can't or won't help me at all. Sometimes when I'm using wlan the phone uses the 3.5G even if "Wifi first" is activated. The packet data is set to "when needed". It also bugs me and display "suscribe to packet data" and I have already a data plan of 50 MB with my operator. The only thing wich seemed to keep the wifi connected was whatsapp, but whatsapp uses way too much of battery power and I had to uninstall it.
Is there anything else I can do before getting rid of the phone? I have an unlocked C2-01 and even tough it doesn't have wifi it works so much better. Could the problems be because the asha 303 is NOT unlocked?
Any other asha phone that has less problems?

Thanks so much if anyone can help me

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