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I want a Motorola PRO+ but have privacy concerns!

scubafan 09 May 2012, 00:37 posted on

Is there any way to use an Android phone WITHOUT giving all my personal information away to Google?? Even with my current Palm Treo Pro I've run into issues! When I used the google maps a while back, it said I needed an update. To do so it deleted my original copy and the new one will NOT work unless I allow it to give google my location at ALL times!

In addition, I do NOT use Gmail and don't want to be forced to give google my real name to add to the database they now build across SO many platforms. More articles out say they mine all your texts and voice calls for more "personalization" data. Many apps seem to give GPS data out even when you do NOT give permission as well.

All I want is to be able to use an OS more modern than the Winmobile 6.1 so I can use the gasbuddy app! Am I doomed to be stuck unless I want to give my life away to google???

PS: I'm very fond of the 5-way D pad I use to scroll up & down with now. How hard is it to learn to go without it?

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