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interdeck99 posted on Jan 29, 2009, 12:14 AM
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speakerphone works and the phone works fine

The phone the other person had must of been damaged. My speakerphone works fine. I switched to the Verizon (PCD) CDM8950 from my LG VX7000. The camera picture quality is slightly worse but the video is better. Memory card function and bluetooth are definitely a bonus. I am not a cellphone geek or junkie. I use it for making and receiving calls, and occasionally snap a pic or take some video. This is a good phone for me. Signal strength seems as good as my old phone. Battery life seems good. In three months the battery will probably junk itself like so many cell batteries seem to do.


  • decent screen size and clear display
  • bluetooth
  • memory card
  • keypad feel and layout(raised keys and not small)
  • signal strength


  • no extended battery yet
  • no custom leather cover yet
  • call quality is very slightly worse than my old vx7000(still good though)
  • one handed opening hard cause the phone's thin
  • only 30 sec of video even with mem card(might be a way to fix it)
  • backlight was too bright had to turn it off

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a reviewer posted on Feb 14, 2009, 5:40 PM


really good phone

i traded my vx8360 for this phone, i like it, i like the plain style of the phone, just wish i could get it in red, the call quality is excellent, to me its better than most phones ive had...battery life is pretty good for normal talk and text, but using v cast drains the battery as usual, music player is pretty good speaker is really clear, but could be a little louder, reception is on par with the lg and samsung not really sure what brand PCD is...i guess its kinda like utstarcom so i took a gamble and im not disappointed, just a couple of things that aint the best is speakerphone and the flip is a little weak but its not that big a deal...its a good phone and i recommend it.


  • reception, battery
  • music player
  • camera/video is good
  • call quality
  • speaker in front
  • keys are perfect to text with


  • speakerphone is ok but not great
  • flip is a little weak
  • external screen is blah

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Carol Scott posted on Jan 20, 2009, 7:33 PM


We are very disappointed with the speaker phone.  We can't hear it!  Hopefully will exchange it for a different phone as we use this option frequently as we travel.


  • Excellent in all features, but speakerphone


  • Speakerphone no clear or loud enough

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