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Tykenarrio posted on Mar 24, 2010, 3:10 PM


Okay, But Lame, great for grandma's and junnk

This phone was okay. But Ringtones that I download off the internet won't play (MP3, AAC, etc) only QCP (Voice-Recorded Format - Not Popular) will play.Call Quality is good but it has no extras. LAME.When I download Screen Savers It won't match the screen widith, mostly I have to pay to get screen savers off the Sprint Website. DAMN.The phone doesn't shut down that's good, battery doesn't last long THAT'S BAD, Also the internet won't go fast eenough, takes forever to download the page.


  • Excellent Call Clarity
  • Camera
  • Thin


  • No 3G Support
  • QCP Format only
  • Not that much of a Camera
  • Data Service takes forever to go to a specific page
  • Internet doesn't load up half of the time
  • Slow pace of booting up...

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Bam! posted on Feb 26, 2009, 8:40 AM


Really Good!

Ok so my Mom needed a new phone right? Well she wanted a phone that had a camera and that was the only extra she wanted. She also wanted it to be thin. Well we went on sprint dot com and this was exactly what she wanted. The best part it was free. She likes everything about it. :)


  • Camera
  • Thin
  • Nice


  • A little boring but oh well.

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