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posted on 24 Oct 2009, 11:57


Bad as a mp3 player, good overall

- The phone is overall, pretty decent. 
- The design is simple but stylish, specially if you're into clamshell/flip phones.
- It isn't very customizable. You can't customize the external screen, the internal has only two themes, 
but at least you can put any wallpaper you want(128x160 screen).
- While you can use mp3's as ringtones, it only has 12MB internal memory, and ringtones must be 
copied to internal memory before being used. So you have to be pretty choosy with what you use. Tip: 
tone down the mp3's bitrate before throwing them on the phone, since the speaker isn't able to 
reproduce high fidelity anyway. Also, the speaker is inside the phone, so unless you boost the gain of 
your mp3's, they're gonna sound very muffled when the phone is closed.
- Can use micro USB phones, and 3.5mm via adapter, which came included.
- 12MB internal memory, microSD of up to 2GB.
Now comes the pain. The biggest flaw, in my opinion, is the mp3 Player. For a phone that writes "MP3 
MUSIC" on the front, it's pretty horrible. The quality is okay, but the interface seems like it was 
developed with the sole intention of frustrating the user. To use the de facto mp3 Player(so you can 
close the phone and still listen, etc), you have to put your mp3 files into PLAYLISTS. The phone comes with a fixed amount of playlists, 4 in fact, and they can only hold 50 files each. So all in all, you...  

Design 9/10
Features 6/10
Performance 7/10

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