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Drachen posted on Feb 09, 2010, 11:59 PM


Worst Cell Phone I've Ever Had!

 This phone stinks! Even though the phone has the feature to block certain numbers from your phone, when you go to block a number, it fries your SIM card immediately or after trying to get you to enter your PIN number 3x and your PUK number 10x. Mine was one of the few that fried immediately after trying to block a number from my phone. It didn't offer me the choice of entering my PUK or PIN numbers. Since my SIM card fried, I could only make 911 calls out of my cell phone! I took it to a local AT&T store and found out that I needed a new SIM card to fix my phone. I also found out that AT&T knew this was a huge problem with this phone and many of the other cell phones they sell or have sold and they didn't even recall it or notify anyone of it. It isn't until you go onto their website, call their customer service number, or go into one of their stores that they finally admit that they know they're selling really bad cell phones. They also told me that even though the cell phone has the feature to block a phone number from your phone, their service only allows you to block a number online through your AT&T account. Who thought that was smart? The whole experience was frustrating. It made me wonder 2 things: 1. Who in their right mind would design and manufacture a cell phone, knowing the SIM card could be fried every time someone goes to try to block a number? and 2. Who in their right mind would want to sell a cell phone, knowing that it has this sort of problem?...  


  • Thin, a flip phone, has bluetooth, a camera, and internet/e-mail capabilities, good first phone.


  • A piece of junk, SIM card can always fry itself out when trying to block a number from your phone.

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Anonymous posted on Jan 28, 2010, 7:30 PM


Such a good phone!

I loved this phone! Best phone ive ever owned! Amazing for texting! I had this phone for 3 years and passed it on to loads of friends and it still works like new. We all call it indestructible, it NEVER breaks, no matter what we do with it. This phone has been through hell and back. So if your looking for an amazing basic phone for texting and calling only, buy this phone! You will not regret it!


  • indestructible, good for texting, good calls,


  • awful camera

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Anonymous posted on Nov 09, 2009, 9:24 AM


Terrible Phone

I have this phone now and I can't wait for a new one. The keypad is slippery and gross, the camera is super blurry, I can only have 4 different message tone so I keep the phone on vibrate, it is black and white on the front, has a very small picture and text memory and I is cheap. Dont buy this phone!


  • NONE



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Alex posted on Jul 26, 2008, 9:59 PM


Average Phone no problems

You only have to pay 40 bucks for this on at&t with a new contract and there is nothing wrong with it, just basic, has a camera, bluetooth, no 3G or music player but your not paying for it, if you want a cheap phone....hear it is with ease of use.

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Argos posted on Jan 19, 2008, 12:37 AM


nice but...

This is a good phone, the problem is that the features are not the best, i foud the way to customize it, with cable, and surprise! the sound is very good, i can use mp3 sounds as ringtones but only by cable, isn't possible with the bluetooth conection... and is possible too send images and quality of the screen is good.

As starter user this is a good phone, and if you want to personalize it use a cable and a software from the samsung's page.

good luck...

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t. sanocki posted on Aug 26, 2007, 11:31 AM


Professor of Psychology

This fits the bill for a basic, easy to use phone! Basic call functions are straightforward and there are many convenient shortcuts.

My only complaint is that it is designed for many functions, including giving money to at&t for ringtones; these functions reduce the elegance of the phone features. Overall design is good, however. It is clear they thought about the human user.

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