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Jetulan posted on May 04, 2006, 8:33 AM


Audovox CDM-8930

I bought this phone for a whooping $252.00 only to find out that with all the money spent I got NO GAMES, NO COOL RING TONES and NO EXTRA GRAPHICS. The standard sreensaver is an animated flower and ALL the ring tones are extremely childish and made for your basic cheerleader. Thank the phone gods for the camera light because without this option all pictures and videos are dark and sketchy. This phones best feature is the world clock and is fun to play with. Without the games, the world clock is needed to past time while waiting in the conference room or for waiting for the damn elevator. Basically this phone is for media amusement and not for personalized fun. Overall, if you are too busy to play with this phone you will never miss the non-exisiting games and extra backgrounds and screensavers, and you should have purchased a phone that meets your requirements and cost a lot less. Bottom line, I can live without the world clock and in my books its not enough to make me keep it. This phone was bought yesterday and is going back today.

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