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MI_canuck posted on Mar 16, 2007, 2:00 PM


too bad wi-fi/3g removed....

It's really too bad that such E61i features like Wi-Fi and 3G were removed from the E62, because I would have seriously considered this phone/pda. Instead I went with the Cingular 8525. I really wanted to avoid the Windows Mobile OS (I'm not a huge MS fan), however the 8525 was the only unit with all the features I wanted. Hopefully the next Nokia pda that Cingular/AT&T offers is more full featured, because I think the Symbian OS is much better to these types of devices than WM5 (or WM6) which is slow, bloated, and not terribly stable. Cheers.

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Jose posted on Jan 15, 2007, 12:59 PM


Great for the price

This phone is Great and for the price is even sweater. $99.99 with cingular service. Look its nokia and what you expect is there. Very good Signal, voice quality and voice audio. Love the voice recognition the widescreen. Qwerty keyboard great adition. Perhaps s60 version 3 is the perfect choice. Just imaging a Nokia with Win Mobile or palm. Its just a perfect suit for it. I know it lacks wifi like the e61 but for its price point its aceptable.The widescreen format is great and with 3rd party video apps look very "wow" brilliant. Dedicated email keys working flawlessly with gmail and Blackberry Connect. True Business phone with a bang of extra feature... btw already customize to black E62...

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CJ posted on Dec 09, 2006, 3:14 PM


Nokia E62 review by CJ

I would rate this phoen above average. I have had it a few weeks and an very satisfied with its capabilities. I do very much dislike the voice recorder button on the side, it is too easy to hit, and way too sensative. I do like the interface now that I have gotten used to it. Coming from a Razr and Blackberry 7130, give yourself a few weeks and lot of patience to figure out all the bells and whistles and how to get too them. The voice quality is excellent, however it is rather disheartening when 3G/UMTS is comign out for Cingular and Nokia didnt put it on the phone. Also, the absence of a camera is a real downer. I do enjoy the size of the phone, it isnt so small that you feel you might drop it or have to angle it just right to talk on it. The screen is crystal clear and the true web browser is wonderful, although it would be nice to be able to scale down the size of the page and not just the pictures. The battery is my only major objection. It does well when not used, but as a pda, the battery life is next to nothing, you HAVE to have a car charger. All in all, I would give this phone an above average rating. It has great features and easy to access once you learn how to set up the shortcuts and all.

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