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LG CU575 User Reviews

6.9 Based on 10 Reviews

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Build quality1/10
Text input3/10
Everyday usage6/10
UI speed2/10
Call quality2/10

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posted on 16 Dec 2010, 06:14 (Posts: 0; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)


how can i lock my cu575

akosiako has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

i dont know how to lock my cu575? how can i lock it? i had it for only less than a week. so i dont know all about cu575. im trying to know all about it, but i really cant see it thru facebook , yahoo , google or youtube. please can you help me? can you teach me ?

Build quality 1/10
Reception 2/10 lol
Call quality 2/10 i love it
Internet 1/10 i cant use the internet
Multimedia 2/10
Camera 2/10 so cute
UI speed 2/10 lol
Everyday usage 6/10 lol
Text input 3/10 its kinda hard to use
Display 2/10 cute
Battery 2/10 i dont know

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posted on 22 Jun 2009, 15:28


good phone

i have had my phone for about a year and a half. i love this phone.  it has held up great. very durable. i am so rough on things.  it dont get great signal but i live in a rual area where most phones dont get good sig.  the battery life is great. i have not had to replace it at all.  i can get prob 3days out of the bat if i dont do a lot of texting.  but if i do do a lot of talking and texting i get  1 1/2-2 days.  about the only prob i have with this phone is it takes forever to text pics. i am do to upgrade but i dont know what phone to go to.  i want one with a keyboard. 
all and all this is a great phone.

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Performance 8/10

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posted on 04 Sep 2008, 21:27



this phone isw awesome! the front screen is like a mirror. too me it remebers me of the shine, sort of like the flip version. the screen is awesome on the inside. very big. the keypad is great to text with. i have to get use to texting and using 0 as the space though. pretty good phone qaulity, good camera/video recorder, good calls. i say this is a pretty rad phone. i like it alot. you can read your text on the front with the touch sesnors and start your mp3 with them. i can't say anything about the mp3 or the inernet. i don't do that, that is what a ipod and a computer is for. but yeah very good phone. i recommend it too anyone. it works for teenagers, parents, elders, anyone.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 8/10


  • great screen!
  • great keypad!
  • good calls!
  • great phone!


  • the camera has no flash. =/

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posted on 06 Aug 2008, 11:02


Bad reception

I've had this phone for a year now and reception is definetely an issue. I'm on the same plan with my family who all have different phones. I've taken their phones and placed them around the basement and in 80% of the places they get reception, I get nothing.

I can't even make clear calls upstairs in my house.

To me... if a cell phone can't do it's basic job then nothing else on the phone matters.

Design 8/10
Features 5/10
Sound Quality 3/10
Signal Strength 1/10
Value for money 6/10

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posted on 13 Jun 2008, 10:06


Pretty good..

This phone has a great design and I have also noticed that the battery life on it is great. The signal strengh isnt all that great but we live in a pretty stong signal area so that hasnt been a huge problem for me. HTe Only major problem I have had with it is the speaker. The sound quality is really bad. I have had it replaced once already thinking I got a faulty phone but the new one did it too.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Sound Quality 4/10
Signal Strength 5/10
Value for money 8/10

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posted on 02 Mar 2008, 10:10



I upgraded from an LG VX8600 chocolate flipper, and im happy. Not that like the LG VX8600 was bad- just the Trax has really good crystal-clear sound. :)))))))

email me @ teazns6129@sbcglobal.net, mrazn6129@yahoo.com, theaznguy6129@aol.com, or narrowazn6129@alasmano.com

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Sound Quality 10/10
Signal Strength 10/10
Value for money 10/10

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roger maloness
posted on 21 Feb 2008, 17:21



Nice phone, guys. I had it for a week now, its only $79 so you dont really need to dig deep into your wallet for this steal.

thanks, roger maloness from nashville TN AT&T department


Design 5/10
Features 4/10
Sound Quality 5/10
Signal Strength 6/10
Value for money 10/10

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posted on 12 Jan 2008, 19:51


Signal issue

I've experience the same problem as Guch. I don't have the Trax but i have the LG shine and it has the same issue. Sometimes I think I don't get calls because of this.

I've read somewhere that LG phones show exactly what kind of connection you have unlike the Samsung phones which just put anything up.

I honestly don't believe that, I think it's something wrong with the internal antennas, not being strong enough.

Signal boosters, although I never had one, I've heard they do not work but I'll try one for my Shine and see how that goes.

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Sound Quality 9/10
Signal Strength 7/10
Value for money 9/10

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Winnie E.
posted on 03 Dec 2007, 19:37



I agree with the below review about the signal, although I went to my local Radio Shack, and got a signal enhancer, is is like this little gold sticker that you place behind the battery. It helps! It was only about $5.00 too! Hope this helps!

Design 7/10
Features 8/10
Sound Quality 8/10
Signal Strength 2/10
Value for money 7/10

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posted on 24 Aug 2007, 00:58



I work at a wal mart store in cell phones and got this phone 2 days ago and I love it. Although there appears to be some signal problems, I will go from full bars to no bars on what seems like a constant loop. Just wondering if anyone else is having these problems or if it might just be my area(Southern Ohio). I love the phone on all other accounts but without a signal this phone is kind of pointless.

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Sound Quality 8/10
Signal Strength 4/10
Value for money 7/10

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