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First Place Trophy?

Phone owned for less than a month

I love the OS. Best OS I have used by far, and I've used them ALL. Most people have not been happy with the batterey life, however, at low charge you still have plenty of juice left!

Nice built phone, not the most advanced, but unlike Android it does not ned impressive computing prowess to have a smooth end user experience.

This is just a VERY good phone for all users. Not as customizable as Android, not as boring as iOS. Stable and high quality apps vs Android.

People complaining about apps... seriously? They pretty much have everything one needs.

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Solid, but I wish....

Phone owned for less than 3 months was more customizable. Your options are limited, compared to a Blackberry. It has very restrictive file management. For instance, my sister emailed me a video to my phone email, and I was unable to download it to the phone. I understand iphone has similar restrictions. This is where BB is superior.

The pluses are the seamless integration with hotmail, but outlook costs extra with a live365 subscription, and live mesh use requires another paid sharepoint subscription. Knowing what I know now, I would have waited for the blackberry touch.

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Great Phone plus!

Phone owned for less than 3 months

The display is terrific and I have gotten use to the 'tiles' and like them very much - allows me to get to what I am interested in pronto and let's me see quickly if I have any waiting items - text, vmails or emails. When traveling and needing to keep a few contacts readily at hand pinning them to the home screen is very, very useful!
I was put off by missing some of the minor features in my old phone programs/interface - weekly view of calendar and being able to directly sync it with my computer. However, after learning the interface and the ability to surf the web very much faster than my old phone I like it more each day. The IE is very fast and easy to use.The voice activated search function is terrific! The phone calling quality is great - I have not had any dropped calls since I bought the phone 3 months ago and the voice quality is very clear and life like. I mostly use my phone for calls, calendar and search all which work well but I still miss the 'weekly view' of calendar - but not so much anymore. The camera is good. I use it instead of my 'point an shoot' and except for poor lighting conditions there is no real difference in picture quality. The built in flash works well for subjects within 10-15ft in low lighting.
The battery life certainly could be longer but it goes all day without a recharge and with light usage I go 2 -3 days without charging it.
The OS has been flawless!

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Finally! Thank You Verizon!

Phone owned for less than a month

The Trophy is a new hip device that gives you a unique edge over all those smartphones with old lame OS's. It is so nice to see a fresh new UI with such a different look. Microsoft has really got a great thing going here. It is no surprise HTC released the first Verizon Windows Phone. If you are not look for amazing hardware specs and just want a good everyday phone this is it.

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Amazing phone: Highly recommended

Phone owned for less than a month

Build Quality: I gave it a 9 because even thought I actually really like the simplicity of the build (& it feels very nice in your hand); there are other phones that are a little nicer.
Reception: It's a smart phone so I'm not expecting full bars. But I'm giving it an 8 because LTE is available & it would have been nice to see LTE on this phone. It's a global phone which is also good.
Call quality: I didn't have any issues with the call quality & I'm no audiophile so I wouldn't really know a difference between bad reception & bad quality.
Internet: I personally like Opera better, but the IE browser is still pretty good.
Media: I love the interface. I love how it works with my Zune Pass. Ultimate media experience.
Camera: Nothing spectacular. I really like the how you can turn the camera on without even unlocking the screen.
UI speed: The UI works brilliantly & the animations really help make the UI feel incredibly smooth & fluid.
Everyday usage: I get in, out & back to life. But I love the phone so much that I want to continue using the phone even after I'm done.
Text input: the keyboard works wonderfully, though I wish that they had used all of the space available in the landscape mode (there is about a 1/2" on the left side (I didn't notice about the right)).
Display: The screen colors are crisp & vivid.
Battery: It's a smart phone so of course it's not going to last days, but it does last me through the day so long as I don't play games for 5 hours straight.

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Love it

Phone owned for less than a month

My use case - work, work, and more work using Exchange connectivity and to a lesser extent facebook, personal email.

REALLY like this phone. I had an iPhone 3GS on AT&T, Droid 2 Global on Verizon, and I will say this device is much more fun to use than either. My droid 2 was irritating the hell out of me - dropping calls, rebooting for no reason, and the apps seem to crash much more than my iPhone so I hit the Verizon store to grab the Trophy. I was concerned I wouldn't like Windows Phone, but simple things like viewing next calendar event, missed calls, unread messages on your lock screen are implemented as standard without downloading aps to install and crash. It takes fewer steps to do anything, and it in general feels snappy and more modern than my Droid 2.

As for the phone itself, the hardware is fairly run of the mill HTC. Decent build quality, screen is nice, weight and feel is a good balance of quality and lightness. I don't really care about multi-core if the phone is fast, which on this device the OS never seems to slow down. Bluetooth seems to be more robust than my Droid, as it doesn't drop calls when switching to a headset or car speakerphone mid-call, but that could be the OS. The biggest weakness is the camera - awful in low light and can't focus. I do miss the missing notification LED that my Droid 2 had.

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