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SanfordIV posted on May 23, 2010, 10:58 AM


Do not buy this phone!

I bought this phone June last year and by October I wanted to throw it off the wall. It simply had so many things I hated about it. Here are some of the problems. The main problem being the Battery life, it never lasted a day. Eventually it started calling random people in my phonebook without me touching it. Apps are apparently unavailable and it failed to detect the Micro SD card when it was inserted. Also the message ring only goes off when you activate the screen so you never know when you have a text. The resistive touch screen stops working and gets stuck down and becomes unresponsive. And to cap off there is apparently no collective way of deleting your texts, you have to delete each converstation individualy. I loved it for a week, I have now sold it and am relying on my spare phone (Motorola V220) that I bought for £15 on eBay and I still dont miss my HTC.


  • Looks
  • Main Menu Setup
  • Excellent Camera!
  • Value
  • Build Quality
  • Rarely Crashes


  • Battery Life
  • In-call Sound Quality
  • Poor Screen
  • Rubbish Multimedia Transfer
  • No Bluetooth (That allows you to transfer files).
  • No Voice-Recording
  • No Camera Flash
  • Very Slow Software
  • Message ring only goes off when screen is activated

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Powernout posted on May 04, 2009, 8:46 AM


All the tricks... and more.

Let me start by saying I came from a Nokia N80 which was pretty straight-forward. Now having my first Windows Mobile phone, it appeared a bit more complicated then expected. RTFM (read the friggin manual) did enlighten me with some handy pointers on how to use the phone.
About the device itself: it works. And it works well. Using the touch capability takes a little getting used to, but once you have the hang of that it takes off. Menus scroll nicely, sending sms messages is easy and very structured. GPS works very quickly. Excellent wifi and excellent overall reception of the phone. Being smaller than the iPhone, it fits comfortably in my pocket (being male, I'm not one for handbags). I did just post two questions to HTC: Phonearena has Voice Dialing in the list, but the device does not appear to actually have it, and this is a desirable feature when using handsfree while driving. Also, I am yet to find out what size memory card it takes.  
Screen resolution is fabulous, so is the contrast. FM radio could use some tweaking: it seems HTC has focussed on getting good stereo opposed to keeping the same level of volume (it goes up and down with reception). Perhaps a better head set will help this problem.


  • Size
  • Screen resolution
  • Connectivity
  • Battery
  • TouchFlo application
  • Speed


  • No voice dialing (unless I've missed something)
  • FM radio could be better

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