Windows Mobile comes to the iPhone

Windows Mobile comes to the iPhone
A young developer from Norway has finally brought Windows Mobile to the iPhone. All joking aside, it's usefulness may be in question but the feat itself is pretty impressive. We'd load it up on our iPhone for the novelty if nothing else, and if this means that multi-touch will work on Opera Mobile we wouldn't mind running TouchFLO 3D on the iPhone's gorgeous hardware. It appears to work essentially like Boot Camp for your Mac; at startup the user chooses to go to the OS X environment or Windows Mobile. It's in beta right now, he says he plans to have it available as an open source application for Jailbroken devices in January.

Update: As if the product wasn't fishy enough, something's definitely off about the website.  This has viral marketing all over it.

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1. unregistered

Could prove useful. But also anoying... Time will tell.

10. unregistered

Seems like a downgrade IMO.

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

This is nifty........... would never load it.

3. unregistered


4. xmguy unregistered

Very cool.

5. unregistered

LOL his not from Sweden his from Norway.. It seems like the whole world thinks Norway is a town in Sweden or somthing:S But very cool;)

6. unregistered

It's fake. Their website is full of acted things >< A Calorie Meter?

7. unregistered

unpolished, yes, but im not sure fake. the calorie meter is odd, but that would be a hell of a lot of work to pull off a fake. the sonic emotion video they have backs an actual product with a very professional website.

22. unregistered

This is a FAKE. He's not only NOT pressing the screen, but also has a lot to learn about Windows Mobile... you just don't go back by pressing the Start Menu. Also, you can't switch from Phone to Calendar pressing THE BEZEL of the screen... WTF!? Hope this is dismantled. It would be a shame this hoax gains more momentum than it deserves. It's a full screen video, with acted accordingly. We've seen this before, guys... Lame.

8. unregistered

iphone on its way to verizon?

9. unregistered

Announcement at Macworld 2009!!

20. unregistered

i believe at&t has an exclusive on the iphone for another 4 years or so

11. unregistered

hahahahahaha "you don't have girlfriends in Norway?" "yes of course, but they program too so.." hahahha

12. Big Moe unregistered

That's nice that the iPhone will carry Windows. I'm personally waiting for the Omnia that is coming to Verizon Wireless. Is it just me or is the Blackberry Storm, Samsung Omnia, and the possibilty of a Verizon Wireless iPhone sound like "Bells of Churn" to all the other carriers! GO VZW!!

13. unregistered

Why? Isnt the whole reason people buy iPhones that it's NOT running WM?

14. unregistered

I would be impressed if they ported windows xp to the phone with 8gb or more it could run it THAT would be cool

15. unregistered

yeah, i thought the reason for buying apple products was getting out of windows... that would defeat the purpose of having an iphone wouldn't it?

16. unregistered

why not have the best of both worlds though right?

17. Bujj unregistered

Norway/Sweden Guys/Guls, please dont fite, here comes EUROPE Guess it is not just skinning. Atleast now bluetooth will work or, is it some thing different to do so.

19. tauttvisss unregistered


21. unregistered

this whole thing is a hoax. Wake up people. Windows Mobile will always be better than the Iphone because you can get down into the nitty gritty of the registry and pretty much tweak any aspect of the operating system. I have a Motorola Q9C and I can do everything I could ever want to. I can browse full HTML sites like Youtube with skyfire and even emulate a Dos environment with PocketDOS. I can even run Famicom NES games, listen to my entire windows media player playlist in the background while I browse Facebook and simultaneously text message my friends. Say what you want about Windows Mobile... but I love it and I will continue to buy Windows Mobile devices.

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