Samsung Instinct for Sprint – yet another full touch phone

Samsung Instinct for Sprint – yet another full touch phone
Samsung and Sprint announced the Instinct. The first information about it leaked back in February, but it is just now (here at CTIA) that it is official. The housing color is black, instead of brown, but the overall design is kept the same – a slim candybar with large (3.1-inch) touch display and only three keys on the front. The display has 240x432-pixels resolution and visualizes up to 262 144 colors. Just as the Glyde for Verizon, Instinct has full HTML browser and is with ‘finger-friendly’ interface, but not the one used in the European models (TouchWiz, Croix). It has full HTML internet browser, EV-DO Rev.A, GPS, Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera and a microSD slot.

The Samsung Instinct will be exclusively offered with Sprint, but won’t be available for purchase until June.

Samsung Instinct Specifications

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1. vzwemp87 unregistered

and yet another iphone lookalike

2. George unregistered

This phone still wouldn't convince be to go to Sprint. Go to Verizon and get the Voyager, upcoming Glyde, or upcoming Dare. Those will kick this phone's but.

3. Pete unregistered

You know what?... I like the whole touch screen idea, but unless it comes with a touch screen QWERTY key pad or some kind of clamshell flip option to reveal a QWERTY key pad, I honestly don't see what would be so novel about this phone. I mean I would imagine that a QWERTY key pad is more important to the functionality of a phone these days (especially those who like to text message) than a touch screen... ALSO I'd like to include, as a disclaimer, about how ANTI-Sprint I am. I might be more forgiving on the uselessness of this phone, if it were under Verizon's newtork... hehe

15. unregistered

i agree with u pete

4. celsius unregistered

If you hate sprint than you love throwing away money... The phone is just as nice as any other iphone knock off and better than the voyager.. VZW phones are overpriced, crippled, and uncustomizable... my plan is 50 bucks it would cost 100 and somthin on VZW sure the CS sucks but e-care handles all my needs in one e-mail.. the only thing VZW has is that darn exclusivity with LG.. The rumor thats sad LG it doesnt even have evdo

5. Brandon unregistered

You guys are DUMB. it might not be the iphone but you know what? this phone has the network to back it up. you tell me when verizon has evdo rev. A phones and at&t has data speeds EVEN CLOSE to sprint

6. vzwemp87 unregistered

GO VERIZON!!! honestly all of the carriers have a decent lineup and personally i do work for verizon and am pleased with the network who cares if something matches up with the iphone or not but every company needs to work on their own product not one to copy another company

7. Mateo unregistered

"at&t has data speeds EVEN CLOSE to sprint" umm HSDPA on average is as fast if not faster than Rev. A.

8. Lucky unregistered

Yo Brian just a heads up Verizon does have evdo Rev. A phones and have more coming soon, you should do your research be4 you post false comments

9. lucky unregistered

Sorry I meant to say Brandon

10. unregistered

lets be honest where in the US can you fine hsdpa speeds faster than Rev.A speeds. why dont you take a rev.a device and a hsdpa device goto an airport and see whathappens.

11. Brendan unregistered

I agree with Brandon. Lucky, my research shows that Vz does NOT have any Rev A handsets (only aircards) launched yet. Only Sprint with the Mogul has Rev A handsets. All other handsets are still on the original Rev 0. This is just one of many articles stating was from about 2-3 weeks ago. As for the hsdpa...the speeds might be up for debate, but the fact remains that the iPhone does not utilize the hsdpa. The Sprint Instinct will utilize the Rev A high speed network and is expected to cost less than the iPhone.

12. Mateo unregistered

HSDPA Speeds are faster in LAX, PDX, SFO, SLC and a number of other places. Not saying Rev A is not fast, but your dear friend Brandon made a silly blanket statement calling people "dumb" for starters, and saying that the at&t data network is not "even close" to Sprints. Those statements are not true. Poster #11, No, the fact remains that Brandon didn't say that the iPhone had terrible data speeds. He said at&t did. I am not a fanboy. I am however a user of many devices and I try to be fair.

13. abcyesn unregistered for more info about the samsung instinct

14. steph unregistered

when in june will it come out? how much will it cost full retail without signing another contract?

16. 70880 unregistered Now, I work for sprint, iPhone runs off the EDGE network. Which is slow as snail snot. I've used a iPhone. they are horrible for what I look for in a phone (customizability with 3rd party apps, not hacks which can invalidate warantee). I may work for Sprint however even the Instinct doesn't fall into my category of a good phone. However it is more responsive to touch (unlike iPhone which requires skin contact) and I have seen a actual side-by-side of this equipment, it is indeed faster on connect but only within a EVDO Rev A network area. (they are still limited markets about) all in all a good phone, just not for me. That and the Camera controls the scroll. That goes out the window in a dark room. If the camera cant pick up any video it has nothing to refrence and the scrolling will not work.

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