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Nokia's future

Azurus (unregistered) 13 Dec 2010, 04:46 posted on

to start with ... why is SYMBIAN the most hated OS among mobiles???
Is OS meego going to solve the problem ???

basically mobile phones are like the human
No body can work without soul , and no soul can work without humans
nokia got the best hardware but with a "so called bad OS"

posted on 29 Dec 2010, 06:21

1. user(willthereeverbearealphone (unregistered)

1) Symbiance is hated becsoue it do not offer as much as otehr softs. Or they just simply do not liek it (thats me, i ahve loved old nokia phones, but i hate symbiance, cant stand it...)
2) MeeGo will not solve symbiance problems becoseu it wil lbe used for PDA phones, not mobile phones or smart phones. For those OS still will be Symbiacne
3) Nokia lately is falling back a lot on hardware stuff. If you check nevest HTC/Samsung/LG/Apple products, tehy have more powerfull CPU, better or the same screen, and battery life, some of devices have better then nokia....

posted on 29 Dec 2010, 07:24

2. kabir02 (Posts: 18; Member since: 16 Dec 2010)

think u all do not use symbian that is why . but symbian had been great

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