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Nokia E52 radio and bluetooth problems, help needed.

shenge 31 May 2012, 13:48 posted on

I have a nokia e52-1 smartphone. Details:

Operating system: s60v3 fp2 os 9.3
Firmware version: 022.009 (not updated since i bought it.)
Type: RM-469
...and my phone is not 'hacked' yet, and not ever attcked by any virus. I use the latest version of netquin antivirus which I update every week.

I am having the following issues:
1. FM Radio : Whenever i open the built-in fm radio, the phone just gets stucked. I can still minimize the radio and do other jobs, but closing the radio is impossible. Akward thing is, after 30seconds to 2 minutes the radio automatically closes itself. But annoying thing is, sometimes after opening the radio, the phone gets restarted.
NOTE THAT SOMETIMES I GET SUCCESSFUL OPENING THE RADIO AND IT WORKS FINE. But this happens once or twice a month, sometimes not even that.

2. Blutooth: I am having another annoying problem related to bluetooth. Whenever i try to switch on the bluetooth, it shows the following pop-up error:
"Unable to perform bluetooth operation"
BUT NOTE THAT SOMETIMES I CAN TURN ON THE BLUETOOTH SUCCESSFULLY TOO. But this also happens very few times a month. Then everything works fine. I can send files, connect bluetooth headsets,other bluetooth works without any problem then.
BUT EVEN IT GET TURNED ON, After one or two hours, it automatically gets turned off and when i try to turn it on again, the same error occurs.


* If i dial *#2820#, the bluetooth device address is showing.

* I searched the net regarding the bluetooth issue and found out that if there is problems with the bluetooth IC, this problem happens. But if it is it, the bluetooth would'nt get turned on by anyway, would it?

** I have tried all the reset methods (restoring factory settings from the settings menu, *#7370#, *#7780#, pushing the 4 buttons together while starting the phone), but it didn't work at all. I just lost my all settings and data.

*** ADDITIONALLY, I SHOULD SAY THAT IT SEEMS THAT THE RADIO ISSUE AND THE BLUETOOTH ISSUE IS SOMEHOW RELATED, BECAUSE if i succeed to open one of them, the both works fine. And if one of the error happens, the both errors are occuring again.

And one more thing, PLEASE DO NOT MENTION A SOFTWARE UPDATE IN THE SUGGESTION. I know the process and how to do it very well (with nsu, nss, or pss). I will do it at the eleventh hour if all other effort fails.

posted on 23 Jun 2012, 05:02

1. nke00 (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Jun 2012)

I have nokia e52, when I sign for Skype it shows me ' YOUR SKYPE NAME AND PASSWORD WHERE NOT RECOGNIZED' Please help how to sign in. I remember my id and password for skype when i sign in on the computer it works but in my mobile phone dosn't work why?

posted on 24 Jun 2012, 08:39

2. shenge (Posts: 2; Member since: 31 May 2012)

In my e52 i have pblms with skype too. I can't sign in. I think e52's operating system doesn't supports skype.

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