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6.9 Based on 5 Reviews

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Everyday usage6/10
UI speed6.5/10
Call quality7.5/10
Build quality8/10
Text input6.5/10

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posted on 04 Nov 2010, 01:18


its above ok but its not great pt. 2

louis has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

bad news when you go to look at your picture contacts or videos its load like for 2 second :( and sometimes it freezes so u have to remove the battery... and the other bad thing turning pff the phone is difficult. when you hold the end call key to turn it off it turns off but turns back on again (once the zte display appears i let go of the key so i know i aint leaving my finger on there long enough to turn it on) and on the web u have to let the pages load full or it will freeze if u want a phone just wait for the samsung messenger 3 to come out its the same as sprints samsung restore(look it up)> http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Messager-III-is-headed-to-MetroPCS_id14380

Build quality 7/10
Reception 6/10
Call quality 5/10
Internet 5/10
Multimedia 6/10
Camera 8/10
UI speed 5/10
Everyday usage 3/10
Text input 3/10
Display 10/10
Battery 10/10


  • display and updated metro apps its slim, sd micro port and video cam


  • no memo no stop watch (basic tools)...web, loading pictures contacts and videos, no themes!!!

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Karis J
posted on 24 Oct 2010, 10:47


This Is A Great Phone

Karis J has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

The ZTE Agent, for me, has been a terrific phone overall. In general it is a nice small and simple phone, for people with regular jobs or teens. The only complain that one could have is that the keyboard can feel small at times. On the positive side, the phone display is extremely bright and colorful. When you take pictures, you can zoom in and out easily and there are different modes like night vision and sepia, which are all available in camcorder mode as well. When you look back at the pictures on the large screen, the quality is amazing! When taking a video, you see that there is a lag, but that is only when recording. When the video is played back, it looks perfectly normal. When in camcorder mode, you can just click the right of left button to switch from camcorder to camera. On the front on the phone, there is a music button, if and only if you have a micro SDcard inserted can you click that button and it takes you right to your music menu. This phone also separates the music into Playlists, Artists, Albums, Genres, and All Songs. When playing music you can either view it as a visualizer or the album cover. You can rewind and fast-forward songs as well. The Speaker quality is great so the music is not distorted at all. The phone also supports a 3.5mm phone jack, which simply means you can stick regular headphone into it. When texting you are able to view all your messages, sent and received messages, in chat view. Sent messages are blue and received are orange against...  

Build quality 9/10
Reception 8/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 7/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 10/10
UI speed 8/10
Everyday usage 9/10
Text input 10/10
Display 10/10
Battery 7/10

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posted on 13 Oct 2010, 22:45


its above ok but its not great

its a cool phone for basic features like the camera video capture. i like the way it doesnt have a limit with the txt charaters this phone has no problems only its keys there too small to txt but again youll get use too it. i like the way it has more than 150 mb intalled and how you can add more. normal head phones fit and that its charger is small(not including the usb) what i dont like is the txt the keys i know but also when u need to use the same letter or key twice u have to wait, if u go forward it goes back to the front of the txt. and on the web when u go back or forward its fast. last thing when looking at google images the images go all the way to the right screen and u can only see it half side(u have to click the pic to see the whole pic) and some wont let you go to the link it has error 404 sumthing like that

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Performance 7/10


  • good speaker, all apps, big screen,battery life, metro my extras quiet when pop up (if u have it on silent) and the web hot keys (speed dial for webpages lol)


  • cant take notes, small keys the lowest bright level is still too bright no themes

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posted on 20 Sep 2010, 12:01


Happy with it so far

I've had my Agent since Friday. Happy so far! I haven't used the video feature yet but the pics are good. I like the larger screen although I wish the font could be made even bigger. The keypad is a bit small but I'm guessing I'll get used to that soon. The charger is USB so a single cord to go from charging to laptop - like that.

Design 7/10
Features 7/10
Performance 7/10

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Tim B
posted on 08 Sep 2010, 22:32



I've had this phone for about 4 hours now. It's definitely a big improvement. I still have to get used to some things. The small keypad will get comfortable in a few days... I've never had a camcorder or a phone that played mp3's. I'm very content for now. 85 dollars was worth the spend for this phone...

Design 6/10
Features 7/10
Performance 4/10


  • Camcorder. MP3 Player.


  • Small Keypad. .... To be continued

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