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Anonymous posted on May 27, 2010, 5:04 PM


Not bad at all!!!!

Okay, this phone is not a bad phone at all. Yes, the battery life could be better but I have to charge it after using it for talk, texting and pictures 35 to 40hrs later. If you text non-stop, then buy a keyboard phone. This isn't the phone for that. I bought because I always bought LG and wanted to try something else. I was using LG Chocolate 3 before this purchase. Plus I only like clamshell phones and LG is really not selling them anymore. This phone has some great features.  I like having the charger to plug direct  from thephone to the wall. Also the docking station for the computer is nice too.  Camera features is awesome. I love people complaing about its size and being knew that before you bought it. So I really don't understand that complaint. So if you like clamshell phones with a little extra features and your not texting all the time, then this phone is good for you.


  • A lot of great features for a clamshell phone


  • Battery could be just a little better.

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Mark C posted on Aug 27, 2009, 11:39 AM



My cousin just recently came back from Japan where she had a cell phone (keitai). The Casio Exilim looks just like what they have to offer in Japan (due to the fact it's from a Japanese carrier). The camera is more than amazing and something "us Americans" aren't use to seeing. The keyboard is comfterable for messing and pretty much can survive any natural disaster I might bring to it. :)


  • Asian style phone
  • rugged
  • amazing cameracool features


  • maybe couldve had a camera on the inside for webchat features (too futuristic?) :p

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chris shelley posted on Aug 06, 2009, 6:15 PM


good phone

Great looking phone. Good camera quality. Rugged but still stylish.
The cradle is a great addition to the to the phone. It allows the user to just set the phone down for a charge, removing the chance of losing the charge cover, and ensuring the water resistance. (The G'zone has a charge port that must be opened for charge. The small o-ring that ensures water tight seal wears down, and sometimes the cover just falls off and gets lost, making for a non-water resistant phone.)
Pricey but well worth it.


  • water resistant
  • Dock
  • Great Camera


  • none

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Laurie Buckley posted on Jul 01, 2009, 10:40 AM



The 5.1 mega pixel camera compared side by side with the 2.0 mp of the old LG enV doesn't look too different at first, but the flash on the Exilim is impressive (though bright... not terribly stealthy).  The photo quality is disappointing when compared with the LG Dare and even the ENV.  The photos come out blurry and the settings don't help at all because the flaw is in the movable nature of the top part of the flip phone when it's being used as a camera.The flashlight feature is handy. I am not impressed by the battery life at ALL for such an expensive phone. I returned the first Exilim I bought because the battery only lasted 24 hours with very minimal use.  I did my best to train the battery from the time that I got it (letting it die and then charging it fully).   Reportedly, the phone has 540 hours of standby mode to one charge.  But with very light usage and almost no talk time, my first Exilim died with 24 hours and my second one dies in 40 or so hours.  The battery is just awful when compared with my old LG ENV, or any of the new LG's my family owns.  Very disappointing.Also annoying is the fact that charging and transferring involves a very bulky cradle.The way the phone swivels on the top is worrisome and seems breakable.  The flip part on my first phone moved much more freely than my second one- and I blame that on the Verizon Wireless people in the store not knowing how to use the phone and almost breaking it by trying...  


  • Ruggedized


  • Short Battery Life (nowhere near the Stanby time that's promised)

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