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Mikey:( posted on Dec 24, 2008, 10:51 PM



I've had this phone for 3 days and it sucks! the battery starts dying an hour after been on the charger after a whole night of charging! I can't even IM or buy stuff cause you have to have a sidekick plan thing or internet! It doesnt have an alarm or a calculater and cant use your own ring tones! you have to use the ones that are there! It shuts off alot and the battery is impossie to remove after it shuts off by itself and the cover over the charger is hard to pop open and it only has a 2.5mm head phone thiingy and you cant use normal headphones! and made my motorola!!! o and the camera!! sucks! if your in a house the camera view screen looksgreen! the worst thing is the battry! i have to charge it 3 times a day! so if your a texter not even a good pphone! and after christmas im returning it to best buy for my $240 back so i can buy a GOOD phone and not this junker! please! nobody buy this phone!   you'll loose money! and i went to t-mobile today and asked what they could do for my phone and they didnt do anything! i recomend the new sidekick 2008 or lx! way better!!


  • Looks good
  • Nice Keyboard
  • Loud speaker
  • Bright screen


  • Battery won't come out easily
  • takes a while to turn on
  • have to pay for all cool features
  • no t-zones
  • made by Motorola

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Paris posted on Aug 09, 2008, 1:01 PM



i cannot make any phone calls most of the time its searching for signal the interner doesnt work as i expected the mesage sent get to you very late like 10hrs after sending the message its just a bad phone

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Anonymous posted on Jun 26, 2008, 2:58 PM


I always wanted a sidekick, but I hated the swivel screen, but now, they have this, I saw it and I feel in love right away.
This is indeed a nice phone, works great, looks great, feels great.

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qrx posted on May 30, 2008, 2:31 PM


I hate this phone! It is so boring, and has not features. T-Mobile is annoying also! I'm getting the Voyageron Verizon. I've had it.

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Dee posted on May 29, 2008, 6:20 AM



This phone is really worth your money! It has a wonderful design (sliding in my opinion is better than the swivel screen), is the ULTIMATE communication device (email, txt & pic messaging, instant messaging), has great battery life also! The only downside of the slide is the 1.3mp camera. If you are not in good lighting, or if you breath when you take a picture it will come out blurry or dark. But if you take the picture just right, it will come out just fine. Overall, this phone is great and I would suggest this phone to anyone...(with small hands of course! if you have big hands, you might find the slide a little too small. I would then suggest the sidekick LX).

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T-Man posted on May 07, 2008, 4:30 PM


Oh Yeah!!

Nice, this baby it's awesome.. Motorola finally got something cooking.. Yeah, 3G would make it better, but the way I see it, this phone it's just amazing..

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FerneyZan posted on May 07, 2008, 4:28 PM


Much Better then Expected..

This phone by far is much better then I was expecting after reading some of the previous reviews.. No idea what others were thinking, but this phone is probably the best phone I have in fact it is..

Very feature rich and with tons of options, all it needs is to come out with 3G..

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stephany posted on Mar 18, 2008, 12:04 PM


Sidekick slide

The slide is way better then the LX the features are great and the sound the colors are cute and i love it its small and it not so big the price was great

I love my slide

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Drew posted on Jan 16, 2008, 1:58 PM


Better than the LX

This phone is Great!!! The messaging is just as good as the lx, plus the slide does the same stuff as the lx and the slide is cheaper. The lx is too bulky. The slide has more feature to it than the lx when it comes to downloads. The lx is a waste of money compared to the slide. Why would you want a brick for a phone that has a swivel that will break if you look at it wron when you can have the Slide???

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T Mobile rep posted on Dec 16, 2007, 9:19 AM


just OK

I don't think the slide is that great of a phone. If you are a sidekick fan the LX is deff. a better choice for your money...they reduced the size of the slide but they also reduced its features and resolution and pixels...and its made by motorola =( yuck

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mikeyp posted on Dec 09, 2007, 12:15 PM


good...not great

i like this sidekick over the lx not only because its cheaper but because its not so long. the width doesnt bother me so much and the keypad is actually good for a guy like me who has big hands. the only thing i dont like too much is the call quality but i hardly ever talk on my phone so its not that big of a deal. texting is good. if you dont feel like paying for an lx then get this

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