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Marco posted on Mar 30, 2009, 8:28 AM


Good, but not outstanding

The camera is quite bad... I made better snapshots with my old phone's VGA camera than with this 2 MPixel piece of junk: the photos simply lack focus. However the phone has practically every feature you can desire from a middle-to-low cost (129 Euro in Italy) phone: music reader (with a lot of supported formats), radio FM, bluetooth, camera (er..), expandible memory (with a free 512MB memory card!!) and a lot of games. Of course they're quite old and almost all horribly translated in all languages I know, but they're a lot, they encompass every genre from platformer to driving, from shooter to puzzle, from sport to JRPG. Also there're some gems, like Lumines, Jhonny Crash and Jewel Quest. Only thing: the "movement" games suck... but maybe is just 'cause I?ve got a Wii and nothing can still beat the Wii at his own game.


  • Many features. 60 or so free games, some of them actually very good. Music. Free memory card. Good pricing. Powerful external speakers.


  • The Camera. The movement games. No USB cable in the box.

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Anonymous posted on Feb 25, 2009, 7:07 AM


Battery consumption very fast!!!!!!!!!

I m having Battery consumption very fast issue!!!!!!every day must charge the battery!!!!Sony Ericsson designer is not using they braind!!!!!to design the phone!!!!!

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Tarek posted on Feb 09, 2009, 4:02 PM


Very Nice for My SON

my son loved this phone so much it is a very simple basic phone but with more than excellent sound quality duo to stereo speakers. normal screen and camera but great for gaming lovers. very good battery but could be better, nice and stylish design specailly the white
very good for 10 years old kid and older


  • Design, Stereo Speakers, Gaming option, Extra Back Cover, Free Card Reader USB


  • Battery could be better, screen is not the perfect but nice, no more colors

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Anonymous posted on Jan 06, 2009, 6:24 AM


Horrible Phone

It's a horrible phone.
please don't buy it.
it lacks the basic features.
you can't change themes. in 2 days, i had to charge eh battery 3 times. the camera hangs. the phone hangs. there was a problem with the screen, buttons aren't that good. the phone software is osverall evry slow.
worst: developed by sagem- so they have missed the SE touch.
Only the music is good but even there you have many problems like it takes time to stop.....pausing and starting eats 2 seconds everyime you pause or strt a audio file.
surfing the audio files is very slow.
Hell Lot of Problems.
i'll give a rating of 4/10 that too coz of a better than the average sound and looks.

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