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Anonymous posted on Sep 21, 2005, 2:59 AM


1st impressions last!

Everyday since I bought this phone unit, I always received good words about this cellphone & the impressions was really makes me very proud. All people saw this phone liked it very much & they kept asking about how much,features,navigation,etc. They really wanted & planned to have any unit model fr siemens & they will buy as soonest possible time. For me this unit so far is the greatest phone model I've ever had compared to my previous cellphone unit. & if ever I'm gonna buy another cellphone unit, I would still prefer to buy unit model from SIEMENS.

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rainbow posted on Sep 17, 2005, 5:32 AM


the greatest cellphone unit ever!

I loved this phone very much! Eversince I saw this phone on this website a few months ago, I promised to myself that Im goin to buy this -c65- as soon as possible time. & now, I already have this phone & all my friends gave a very good impressions about this unit. & they told me they're goin to sell their current cellphone & goin to buy a new unit model from siemens.
regina mojica
fr indang,cavite

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