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5.8 Based on 4 Reviews

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Call quality6.3/10
Build quality6/10
Text input6.8/10
Everyday usage5.8/10
UI speed5.8/10

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posted on 12 Jan 2013, 11:51 (Posts: 0; Member since: 12 Jan 2013)


Sharp FX Plus (or is it minus)

stardom06 has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

Ive had this phone for a little over 2 months and its done everything you could think of. freezing, touch screen starting to malfunction. Will try to maybe restore it to factory default and see if that works. The below reviewer described almost all the problems. This phone for me was an inexpensive way to get an android phone but what I have is not reliable. Its better to go with something a bit more name brand/expensive.

Build quality 6/10
Reception 5/10
Call quality 6/10
Internet 5/10
Multimedia 6/10
Camera 5/10
UI speed 5/10
Everyday usage 4/10
Text input 7/10
Display 7/10
Battery 3/10


  • easy to use
  • 3G
  • inexpensive


  • battery life
  • touch screen malfunction
  • sometimes freezes

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posted on 27 Dec 2012, 17:43 (Posts: 0; Member since: 27 Dec 2012)


Worst phone I have ever owned

nerdiephonez has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

When I am on a call, frequently it drops the call, or it does something even worse.. it mutes me apparently and I can obviously still hear the other person, but my call screen has disappeared as if I am not even on a call and I can't do anything until the other person hangs up. Often it does things on it's own, like renames a contact or adds numbers to a contact. The battery life is atrocious. I have had this phone for about a month and a half and within the first week it barely lasted a day. Now it lasts between 6 and 12 hours. Sometimes it freezes and i have to take the battery out to restart it. The touch screen sometimes stops working or is so hard to work it's ridiculous. Sometimes when I am on a call it has a horrible echoing. It takes horrible pictures, which I could deal with as it is not a camera, but all the other problems make this even worse. It lags when using the browser. 90% of the time it tells me something is wrong with my SD card or that it couldn't load it. But it was a brand new SD card! And it loaded just fine at first.

Build quality 1/10
Reception 1/10
Call quality 1/10
Internet 1/10
Multimedia 1/10
Camera 1/10
UI speed 1/10
Everyday usage 1/10
Text input 1/10
Display 1/10
Battery 1/10


  • None


  • Everything

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posted on 18 Jan 2012, 16:01 (Posts: 2; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)


A nice basic smartphone

CeluGeek has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

The Sharp FX Plus is a nice phone, and the most accessible smartphone with a keyboard on AT&T's GoPhone service. It can usually be found for free with a new contract or $300 no-contract. Its price is probably its biggest con. The Sharp FX doesn't have any high-end specs and it comes with Android Froyo instead of Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. Therefore, $300 is too pricy for a prepaid or non-contract phone. If you manage to look past the price tag, what do you get?

Lets start with the hardware keyboard. It is more comfortable than its size might suggest. I have big hands and still had no issues adapting to the FX Plus' keyboard. As a phone, it has excellent audio quality. Bluetooth headsets work fine with the FX Plus, both for telephone and for multimedia. The display looks nice. It may not have an HD resolution but text looks crisp and easy to read. There are also plenty of applications in Android Market that supports the FX Plus' HVGA resolution.

The phone is thinner than the pictures suggest. It is very pocket-friendly. What isn't necessarily pocket-friendly is the uber-huge AC charger with the thicker than usual micro USB cable.

Sharp did some minor tweaks to what otherwise would've been a stock Froyo Android experience. The tweaks to the lock screen and incoming call screens are nice touches. The audio equalizer is another welcome addition to what otherwise is the same bland stock Android music player. The Sharp Launcher is not as nice looking as TouchWiz or Optimus...  

Build quality 8/10
Reception 8/10
Call quality 9/10
Internet 8/10
Multimedia 8/10
Camera 5/10
UI speed 8/10
Everyday usage 8/10
Text input 9/10
Display 8/10
Battery 6/10


  • Great Keyboard
  • Excellent quality voice calls
  • Music player has audio equalizer
  • Very capable for a 600 MHz processor
  • Almost stock Android experience


  • Poor Wi-Fi reception
  • Sub-par camera
  • Mediocre battery life
  • Pricy as a no-contract phone
  • Heavy AT&T branded

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posted on 18 Aug 2011, 19:09 (Posts: 0; Member since: 18 Aug 2011)



catarinarosa17 has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

I honestly couldn't be happier with this phone. It has everything I want in a smartphone. A slide out full keyboard, a touch screen, easy internet access, sleek design, MUSIC, and 7 customizable pages for the home screen!! You can download applications and games. It's so easy to use. I went to the AT&T store today to get a cover and screen protector but they don't have them yet because this phone was supposed to come out 3 days from now. But this is the best phone I've ever used and I am SO happy with it!! GET THIS PHONE.

Build quality 9/10 At first I didn't like how the keyboard had the letters in circles, but it was VERY easy to get used to!
Reception 10/10 I have service EVERYWHERE. Even in places my last phone had absolutely none in!
Call quality 9/10 The speakers are very clear and there's not a lot of back round white noise.
Internet 10/10 This phone REVOLVES around the internet!
Multimedia 9/10 The multimedia is very cool on this phone. Wallpapers have the ability to move and pictures are extremely clear.
Camera 10/10 I love the cameras that SHARP uses. Although its megapixels are just okay (3) the quality is amazing.
UI speed 9/10
Everyday usage 10/10 It's so easy to use!
Text input 10/10 I love the texting on this phone! Very simple. 2 keyboards!! One on the screen, one slides out!
Display 10/10
Battery 8/10 It seems to run out of battery a little faster than my old phone (SHARP FX) but that's only because of the internet. It holds battery for while though. Hasn't died on me yet!


  • Texting
  • Internet


  • none

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