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Chubi Chan posted on Dec 10, 2008, 2:33 AM


A Look Back

I owned and used this phone up until almost 2 years ago. It was purchased with a plan in 2002, and used until 2006. During those 3 of those 4 years, the phone operated as expected and was as solid and reliable as any (newer) phones my friends at the time had.
I jokingly reffered to it as THE BRICK, as this is what the phone feels like. It feels INCREDIBLY solid. It had also seen an incredible amount of abuse over those 4 years. Being dropped in a bathtub full of water twice, falling 2 stories out of a window mid-call (never lost the call either), being thrown an uncountable amount of times, and pretty much every other cell-phone owners nightmares. Up until about the last 6 months I owned it, did it decide to act up. It stopped receiveing the few rare texts I would ever get, and would drop calls and had a significant drop in reception.
No camera, no problem. At the time, this phone was a pretty good phone. One of the main reasons I got it. Calculator, SMS, speakerphone, this phone was off the chain. Considering I only really used it as a phone at the time, looking back, feature wise, it was rather dry. This was no problem at the time, as it had just as many features as other phones, but still. In today's market, this is a MEGA-BASELINE phone. What you saw was what you got.
A major problem I had, was how hot the phone would get while charging. Not burning hot, but hot enough to reconsider sticking it to the side of your head to talk on. It would sometimes cause minor headaches...  


  • SOLID design
  • Good call quality
  • lasted as long as it did
  • simple layout
  • large buttons
  • no frills


  • no frills
  • gets HOT during charging
  • begun to die after 4 years
  • large
  • external antenna extension breaks easy

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