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Denis M posted on Sep 21, 2008, 9:42 AM


SPH A920 ok... not great

It's an OK phone. But I like alot of functionality and it does not even come close to delivering. It doesn`t synch with outlook even though you have blutooth and USB cable. can`t OPP pictures to another Bluetooth enabled device. Can`t use your own MP3s for ringtones. I mean this device is riged to be as unusefull as can be... unless you want to buy third party synch software or move your pics through the cell network via data plan..$$$$. I must say the audio either from headphones or the speakers is quite good.


  • Audio, Buttons location on exterior of phone for Music or Video playback.


  • bluetooth functionality! Uttely usless USB cable

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Anonymous posted on Jul 28, 2008, 9:49 AM


Spawn of Satan!!!

This is the WORST phone i have EVER had. I dont think ive ever been so miserable with a phone in my life. The batter was good for like a week, and now i can barly get a 10 min phone call in before the battery goes low. It just SUCKS! Im so livid about it!

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Sarah posted on Feb 08, 2007, 3:02 PM


Best phone EVER!

This is the best phone that I have ever had the pleasure of owning. It's feature-packed, easy to use and the camera quality is nothing less than amazing. It ook some pics at a graduation with it, printed them off and no one could believe it came from my phone. I wish I still had sprint service just so i could still be using this phone!

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wise1 posted on Dec 07, 2006, 2:13 AM


downloading songs !!!!!

Ive jus got the samsung SPH-A920 . so far its ok. but i cant f***en go onto the music store to get any songs !!!! i cant even put any off my computer onto it ! i dont no what to do !!! Has any one got any tips on how to get songs onto my phone ? any help would be much appreciated ! thanks

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Christopher posted on Nov 11, 2006, 8:34 PM


Samsung A-920

In my opinion it is not bad. i am recently having alot of trouble with it as far as internet and my media player is messing up my phone.. i sent sprint an email about this and they basicly tell me to screw myself. the battery life is terriable and the signal is ALWAYS bad.. my brother lives with me and get full signal at the house and i get hardly any. overpriced trash

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geminiboi683 posted on Sep 07, 2006, 6:48 PM



I recently bought this phone and have had major problems with the internet, especially messengers. Sprint says they fixed it but it was just worse. I made them give me a new one, but it's doing the same thing and having major bluetooth, which I call JUNKTOOTH, problems. It will only connect as a modem to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. WHY do I need it as a modem with all this technology and having wireless internet everywhere? I need a phone that I can download ringers to, but NO, all I can do is buy the overpriced ones from the worst phone company in the world!

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Justin Feeney posted on Aug 31, 2006, 6:22 PM


Fantastic Phone

I bought this phone under contract with Bell and I've been nothing but pleased with it. The battery life is solid, the phone is light, and the features are endless.

PROS: The menu on the outside makes mp3 listening easy. There is also a camera button on the outside to take pictures in seconds. The transflash card is easy to put in. The display is fantastic and web-browsing is ultra fast. The sound is surprisingly good - comparable to Ipods; it comes with stereo headphones (also a headset). CONS: Accessories are can not be found in Canada, you need to look to EBay and US websites. The transflash card is small (32mb) so you'll need to buy a larger one for music playing. Last but not least, if you're not tech savvy - learning how to import mp3s from your computer may be difficult. I advise checking Google, since instructions are not in the manual.

Overall, easily the best value for a phone I've had.

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Jon posted on Aug 20, 2006, 2:21 AM


Nice Phone

I recently purchased the Samsung SPH a-920. It has been a great phone thus far. I have owned it for a few weeks. I am able to download games from internet, play mp3 files, and navigate with ease. The phone has a wide array of features.

I here alot of people having problems with getting MP3 songs onto the phone. I had purchased a SanDisk reader a few years ago. It works great. Drop your MP3 files into folder on SD reader. Make sure they are WMP (windows media player) files. If not, you can change them. iTunes purchased songs will not work.

I would recommend getting a SanDisk reader that reads multiple disc sizes. I think mine cost around $20. I do think it is a joke they did not explain that.

A great website with free games and programs is You can get there by connecting through the web icon.

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mustBme posted on Jul 29, 2006, 9:25 PM


Sprint A920 Phone As Modem Issues - Sprint Finally Admits To Network Issues...

Sprint finally admitted to a network problem with the Samsung A920 - but only after I was able to point them to other Sprint customers experiencing identical connection issues.

If you are having issues (connect as modem, then can't reconnect, error 403/1012, as modem or to Vision services from handset) similar to those I've posted, Sprint owes you a working phone.

For two months Sprint blamed me, my account, my phone - everything except their network...

Even after buying another A920, borrowing diagnostic/programming software and a third phone from Samsung, daily calls to Vision Advanced Technical Support, Samsung telling them it was a network issue, countless changes to my profile, expiring my ESN from the Sprint's system and adding it back a day latter, Sprint still wouldn't admit to issues...

Thanks to forums, similar to this, I located or was contacted by other Sprint customers with A920's experiencing the same issues, which made it necessary for Sprint to take a closer look.

They've shipped me a LG VX-550 (Fusion) to replace the unusable Samsung A920. I'm sure the system-wide network problem will be fixed in time, but I need a working phone now.

hurricane game: STFU

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hurricane game posted on Jul 26, 2006, 8:32 PM


it is very great

The phone had lots of features althogh i was not happy about trying to put the micro sd in the phone. i had a few little problems but besides that it is pretty dam good

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Chris posted on Jul 24, 2006, 11:25 AM


All but the manual is good

Bought tha SPH-A920 from Bell Mobility for my wife partly for the MP3 option. She is happy with the phone. But since I'm the geek@home I had to figure out how to load the music on the transflash. The manual is silent about the use of the micro SD card and of the proper use of the Bluetooth. I had to Google on-line to figure out how to get her the music she wanted (and already owns on CD). (Load it into a folder called \Media!)
Now I'm waiting for the bluetooth headset and PC dongle to see how that will work. Again not a word in the manual about it.

I guess Bell is like Sprint, make it really easy to use their on-line features and have you pay through the nose for it.

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mustbme posted on Jul 20, 2006, 12:25 PM


48 Day Horror Story With A920 and Sprint - Zero Return On Investment

EVDO phone, but no external antenna connection, dumb. 48 days of problems with Sprint service, on which they are blaming the phone. Swapped phones, same problems, swapped again, same problems. Really bad receive signal sensitivity on all three phones - another Sprint device shows 5 bars, A920 shows two and disconnects with 'signal faded' displayed on screen. Phone pairs fine with Bluetooth headset, but always wants to re-pair with computer. I've had to hard reset (##RTN#, 235468, ##235468#, edit, enter phone number and MSID, update Vision profile) and reprogram each phone daily, sometimes 2 or three times, as every time I connect phone-as-modem, something at Sprint changes a username, password, or something, then I can't connect to web via. handset, phone-as-modem, or voicemail until I hard reset. Really bad customer service at Sprint, I was mistreated at a Sprint Company Store, and returned calls from Sprint's Vision "Advanced Technical Support" were folks that couldn't get past removing the phone's battery for a couple mins. Each trouble ticket was closed prior to resolution of issue, so it's gone on, and on, and on now for almost two months. Maybe it's not the phone, but with little choice as to a carrier, so I'll just say that the A920 sucks and so does Sprint. Beware.

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Love_Pod posted on Jul 03, 2006, 1:09 AM



This phone rocks, just started fiddling around, and unlike alot of posts that I read saying people couldn't figure out how it works for music and such, I found it rather easy. As for the post saying it was stupid to have the micro SD card, well, really how big of a port do you want on the side of your phone?????? And really the other user saying how stupid it was to not have the connection via USB, maybe a good point, however if you are that lazy that it bothers you to have to take out a huge heavy micro card like that you really souldn't have that phone. This truly is an amazing phone that within 15 minutes I had all the music transferred/playing on my phone that I wanted from my computer. Sorry for all who dislike it, I know it isn't perfect like I am making it out to be right now, but it really is a very nice looking, easy to use, innovative phone.

Little test again picking on the guy who wanted the real size SD card. Try putting the adapter card on top of your phone in the same direction you would insert the micro card, now keeping in mind all the little wires running through the phone to operate the dual LCD screens/all the other wires running all the other options on the phone from the inside (Digital Cam, Video recorder, speakers, playlist buttons on front of phone, and not to mention the number pad buttons on the inside) and imagine trying to make a slot the size of a normal SD card???

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Ludikhris posted on Jun 22, 2006, 4:22 AM


You just need to learn to use it

Ok, this thing can do almost anything you want it to, you just have to learn to use it. Try converting some videos into 3GP format (Then rename them to .3G2) BAM! no need for the stupid pay service. I picked this phone up just today and am already watching videos I clipped from my family guy DVDs and listening to my MP3s with ease.

If you dont have an SD card slot in your PC go to ebay and buy an SD to USB adapter 15$ and you can access your PC with ease, or you could use the USB cable, ( I havent had to yet)

This phone is beyond excellent, anyone that learns to use it will LOVE it. I no longer have a need for a video iPOD, just bought a 1gb stick tonight on Ebay. Im a happy person.

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Sucker posted on Jun 21, 2006, 5:25 PM


give me a break!

The A920 is full of cool little features that i am never going to use, and yet the one thing that i would like to use is to have data transfer between the phone and my computer and this is not possible??!?!?!?! what kind of crap is this? they give it bluetooth, they even give it a usb cable, and then they even give it a card reader, and am i supposed to believe that i have to pay sprint an per minute rate to transfer my movies/pictures/etc over PCS when the technology to do it directly is just sitting right there in my hand?

It almost makes me want to write my own damn drivers, if i could find a way to install some software on the phone.

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jtpratt posted on May 18, 2006, 10:23 AM


Best phone I've owned

I've had this phone 2 months now and use it every day. I've taken over 1,000 pictures and talked more than 4,000 minutes. What I do and Don't Like About the Phone I guess this is the "review" portion of my Samsung MM-A920. This is what I like so far: * The phone is the right size, and easily palmed * The controls are easy to work, and the phone pad buttons are raised and easy to push * The menus are easy to navigate and use * You can assign the launch pad (up, down, left, right) to whatever you want * The phone has 24MB of internal memory * It comes with a 32MB flash card, and the manual says the slot takes up to 512MB cards. I've read on other web sites that it takes up to 1GB cards with no problem * The phone is basically an mp3 player, with controls for play, back, forward, shuffle, and playlist on the outer shell under the screen * The clamshell case takes a beating, I've dropped it many times without scuffing, scratching, or denting it * The camera takes great pictures, even while moving or in motion * The battery has a lot of talk time, and holds a charge a lot longer than I expected. * The 1.3 megapixel camera takes astoundingly beautiful pictures which are about ~225kb for 2200x1800 pixels in size * The included 32MB memory card can hold up to 82 pictures in high resolution * The phone transfers pictures from the phone to the Picture Mail web site (upload) or to others in email pretty fast * With as little as one bar - the TV feature has nice video that's almost never...  

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Steve posted on May 10, 2006, 4:37 PM


Outdated and behind the times.

The A900 was excellent in body design, screen resolution, sound quality and signal strength. It is also very easy to transfer data to this phone via USB cable. However, this phone has no memory expansion slot and only carries 48megs on board. This means once you put around 12 mp3s on this phone, thats it. No more room for expansion. I was very upset about this so I returned this phone for the A920. The A920 is ugly as can be and has the worst software and connectivity options ever. I purchased the A920 because it has an expandable memory option, up to 512mb. What I didn't know is, you can't transfer data via blue tooth, and you can't transfer data (other than pictures) via USB cable! What kind of non-sense is this? You have to pull the memory card out, place it in some kind of adapter and hope your computer has a sim card. Now most computers these days have simm port, however, all computers have a USB port. Why would samsung remove a good feature like transferring data via USB from the A920, when it was availible in the A900? Its like taking 2 steps back. Stay away from both of the phones at all cost. There was and is always something overlooked, some small detail, when they made these phones. Complete garbage, they should keep up with the times. Get a motorola phone and drop samsung and sprint.

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Jay Jay posted on Mar 30, 2006, 6:51 PM



First of all, this is one heck of a phone from Sprint. I am very impressed (after a week) at some of the features of this phone. Most of what you wished for all crammed into a lightweight phone like this. Samsung did a good job on this one. Everybody wanted to see my phone from the day that I got it..

Signal is pretty good in my area, (Coconut Creek, FL). Right now I got 4 bars inside the house and six as soon as I step outside.

Sound quality is kind of sweet. I can hear every thing clearly. The Speakerphone is also good. I converted my MP3 files to AAC files (smaller files, same quality) and put them on the TransFlash card which held 16 of these AAC files. I also uploaded a few 30 sec ringtones and some full length AAC files to see how it did on the phones memory. On the internal memory alone, I have ten 30 sec. ringtones and 2 full length AAC files that only occupy 8.6 MBs of 24 MB internal memory. This is only possibly at AAC-LC Music, Stereo, 64kbps, 44.100khz (About the same quality as MP3). It's OK when you play music through the speakers, but when you put in the headphones supplied with the phone, it's like you're in your own little world. This phone has a lot of PRO's and a few CON's.

1. The buttons are on the side, which is much easier to use, rather than them being on the flip.
2. Speakers are loud and clear.
3. TransFlash slot + 512MB memory card = Hello Movies
4. Nice and Crisp LCD screens.
5. A lot of customization. (May take the whole day if...  

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saggie posted on Mar 26, 2006, 4:56 PM


like new gadgets.

Got the MM-A920 after trying the MM-A900 (didn't even activate the 900) The 920 has a dedicated speaker button, volume, camera side keys are where they should be, on bottom not the top. Better key back lighting, better sound quality, ear and spkr. 2 different charging ports, and you can open it with one hand! A big plus is the trans flash slot. You don't see Sprint advertisting the MM-A920, just the MM-A900 on TV, probaly trying to get rid of their excess stock og returned MM-A900's!

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