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Samsung SPH-A680 User Reviews Back

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RM posted on Apr 24, 2006, 10:27 PM


My 680

I've been two years with my 680, it has poor video quality, but the worst part is that is too fragil,it was better if it had like speakerphone, because it has very low volume,what i like from the outside is that it's has ma mirror! but it get scratched very easily, but i liked a little bit. I want to buy another one fast.

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Jon posted on Aug 01, 2005, 4:35 PM


OK but that's all

Interface was a bit too complex, and not configurable enough. Outside window quickly got covered by dust, so it was hard to read the numbers when the light wasn't on. Worst of all, the thing was just too fragile. It scratched easily, and the entire fold-out section wound up breaking off on me.

That said, the reception was pretty good. Some problems sending/receiving data, and the volume was a bit low. But it took OK pictures. Lots of options on the camera.

I don't think I'll buy Samsung again.

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Aaron posted on Sep 13, 2004, 10:47 PM


Awesome phone

1 - 10. 10 being the best.

Design: 10 The phone is drop dead sex. The buttons are laid out well, and have a nice feel to them. Much better than the current Sanyo with the flush keys. the mirror external screen is cool, but rather useless. Fits very well into the 5th pocket on my jeans.

Reception: 9 I live in an area with saturated coverage so reception is fine. When I leave the city and go into a fringe area the phone finds a signal and holds it well.

Screen: 7 Beautiful, sharp colour screen with 65k colours. Could be bigger, but since the phone is so small. Can't have everything I guess.

Earpiece: 9 As usual Samsung delivers on sound quality.

On board ringers: 7 I have never been a fan of Samsungs ringtones, but these are okay. A couple of nice business sounding tones which I prefer.

Camera: 8 Not bad at all for a camera phone. I still think the a600 takes better pics.

Video: 6 This is odd because the video seems to jerk alot when a video is taken in low light, but seems much smoother when the lighting level is up. *shrug* It's a novelty. Very cool that you can use the videos as a screensaver or picture ID.

User Interface: 9 It's hard to beat the simple, well laid out UI of the Samsungs.

Overall: 8 I can't say for sure how long I will be keeping this phone, but I suspect it could be for awhile. It's gorgeous, and it does everything well with little fuss.

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