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Samsung SGH-T239 User Reviews

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Everyday usage4/10
UI speed5/10
Call quality10/10
Build quality5/10
Text input1/10

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posted on 22 Nov 2010, 17:33


Okay, but boring :(

Skittles has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

I bought this phone used and really cheap because my sidekick broke and I needed something for a few months before I could buy a brandy new android phone :) Umm, let's just say its very SIMPLE. That can be good or bad, depending on who you are. For me, its a tragedy. For someone else, it may be the perfect phone. There's little to no customization, the ringtones that come with the phone aren't very appealing. Texting on this thing? Don't torture yourself like that. The T9 word on this phone has it's very own circle of hell, I'm not even joking about that. If you try to type in the word "me" it always things of. If you mention "cake" or "brownies" in your text, it will come up with "able" and "crownies" respectively. Here's a fun one. You type in "dating" it comes up with "eating". Try texting your friend to ask them if they're dating someone on this phone using the T9 word. It's a real joke. However, the camera is good and the ringer is loud. The call quality is very nice too. Also, if you like epic battery life, this phone has epic battery life. So if you're just looking for a simple phone, go ahead and buy one of these, you can find them really cheap. However, if you text, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

Build quality 5/10 Takes a beating, but whenever it's dropped the battery cover comes flying off and speeding along the floor at a rather high speed. It acts as if it doesn't want to be seen on the back of that phone. Poor battery cover.
Reception 10/10 Works pretty much everywhere.
Call quality 10/10 Crystal clear!
Internet 1/10 Don't even bother, Seriously.
Multimedia 2/10 There really is none. The voice recorder is really fun to play with, though! :D
Camera 7/10 This phone has a very nice camera! No flash, but it has light adjustments, self timer, effects and frames. I'm impressed that this phone has such a nice camera!
UI speed 5/10 The camera pops up rather quickly, the voice recorder functions very smoothly. Everything is nice and smooth on this phone. Except the texting... meh.
Everyday usage 4/10 Using it to call/take pictures? Fine. Texting on it or doing anything that even involves typing. Oh, don't even bother.
Text input 1/10 I wish I could give it a negative one. I hate texting on this phone. This phone's T9 word has it's very own circle of hell. No lie.
Display 2/10 It's small and measly. All the writing looks so cramped on it. The writing looks so sad like that.
Battery 10/10 Epic battery life! It can last for three days without a charge!


  • Epic Battery Life! (3 days)
  • Camera Is Nice
  • Voice recorder is fun to play with!
  • Everything Runs Smooth
  • Call Quality is Flawless


  • I HATE THE T9 WORD. (you should too!)
  • Lacking Lots Of Features
  • Very Limited Customization :(
  • Will Not Keep You Entertained If You're Bored On A Bus.

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