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stewartinoz posted on Sep 24, 2010, 9:40 PM



Bought one for my wife. Good compact clamshell. suitable for Telstra Next G, which is why I bougt it. Blue-tooth compatible with Hands Free in Car radio and works OK. We always had Nokia before so the menu is somewhat different. Supports Predictive Text in Messaging. It give a list of potetntial words and scrolling down if the first choice is not the ONE required,Ring tones (Samsung mp3 are nothing special but will play any imported mp3 files such as are stored on the SD Card.Cost $240 outright which is a good proice compared to my Nokia E51 which was $720 a few years ago and seems about as good.Playing music, has good volume and tone. (Not quite like a HI FI set but for its size and price, pretty good.It comes in Black or Pink so with the latter, my wife is happy. Very important.

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