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MrMeatwad33 posted on Aug 19, 2010, 2:58 PM


How Does This Phone Make A Comeback?

This is such a confusing phone. I played with it, looked at details in the phone while using it, and there is barely anything good about it.   First of all, the numbers for dialing are WAY to small. i tried dialing, and gee whiz it's pretty hard to dial right. Dialing with the keyboard and the numbers are both very annoying.As for the second reason, the keys on the keyboard are WAY too tiny. its almost impossible to write a sentence without screwing up:( It's very sad.   The third reason, it's hard to figure this phone, just like a blackberry. This is why the phone stinks. I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.


  • None


  • Pretty much everything

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Heckya posted on Apr 07, 2010, 7:58 PM


Hmm....more or less?

Great quality. The design is unique and it really helps everything else. Good calling. The buttons are pretty good for texting , but the downloading speed is not so good. The speed in general is pretty slow. It is hard to get from one thing to another quickly , but the fact of doing multiple things at once is GREAT! A very unique phone as I had already said. Overall , 7.9 most likely , but great to hold...a combination of a flip and an almost Sidekick like movement. Pretty much...AWESOME! Or AWFUL! two words I can use to describe it.


  • Great texting , great calling , great design and somewhat good functions , what more do you need? :D


  • All I can say is the fact of downloading and apps speed is errrr...not so good. It could be better in case of speed and uhh....O_O

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timmymyrs posted on Jan 03, 2010, 3:19 AM


Samsung Comeback Review.

The size is pretty good. I've never been a fan of open-faced buttons on phone. So a flip/slider has always been good for me. Although, this phone is pretty unique. It feels like a phone when shut, and it's more of a sidekick-esque phone when opened. 

Battery Life:
It's not bad. I got about 6 hours of straight hardcore texting and music. BOTH used at the same time. *Note: This was after I adjusted the back-light and display settings.*

The displays were crisp, and they, well, showed what needed to be shown. Not much else I can say on them. xD

I used the camera extensively. It's pretty decent for a 2 MP. The pictures came out magnificently. I also used it to record videos. They were choppy, but watchable, of course.

It's a bit sticky at first. It can be warmed up to, non-the-less. The buttons look small, but when you're using the tip of your thumbs like most texters, they're quite big and easy to press.

The speed was.. eh. Questionable. It rendered somewhat simple full HTML sites pretty quick. But trying to use it for Facebook or Myspace regular versions was hell for me.  Mobile sites loaded at the snap of the fingers.

It's an all around good phones. With a few minor querks(sp?), it has a lot of potential.


  • Keyboard.
  • Display.
  • Speed.
  • Size.
  • Camera.
  • Video recording.


No Cons

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