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NicLovesSamsungTouch posted on Aug 04, 2010, 8:02 AM


A new experience of Samsung Touch screen phone!

This is my personal comment for this beautiful and surprising Solar panel touch screen phone!

Design: 10/10
When you get a first look on any Samsung Touch screen phones, you will expect a boring black color in the front which make it feel non unique. But when i got a look in this phone for the first time during purchase, the beautiful marble like blue color attracts me and i'll never get bored looking at it. Although the back design look really boring but there is a solar panel which make it look unique too. Talking about energy efficient, and solar panel, this phone should work best under the sun, the Blue Earth should had been AMOLED display which consume less energy and better view under sunlight, really a waste to let it have a LCD screen instead.

Features: 9/10 

-Unique eco lock screen which other don't have.
-Eco walk is fun.
-Long lasting battery when outdoor exposing the Sun.
-3G,WiFi, acceptable web browser.

-Lack virtual Qwerty
-Camera lacks Auto Focus and Flash

Performance: 9/10
The phone is really smooth although web browsing and image viewing is as similar as other Samsung touch model, but it is really acceptable as it is not a smartphone, but with a phone such a features and eco caring it is really a "smart" phone to be owned. 

I am a very big Samsung touch mobile fan! I owned a lot of them, Preston,Jet,Wave and currently Galaxy S. And family also have Star, Corby Pro and Monte. But after having such a big collection of them and trying them,...  


  • -Solar Panel
  • -WiFi and 3G
  • -Long lasting battery
  • -Fun eco UI and apps
  • -Attractive marble like blue


  • -Camera lacks auto focus and flash.
  • -No virtual Qwerty
  • -Should have a AMOLED and bigger screen.
  • -No 3.5mm Earphone jack

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