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posted on 02 Dec 2007, 20:24



DESIGN – Very slim for it’s time and all, and it came with a very cool screen color feature, but that was about it. Nothing major about the design except that it seem longer then other phones in the same category.

FEATURES – What features. I do give it credit for the speaker phone which was a very good experience to have since back then speaker phones were still new.

SOUND QUALITY – Sound quality was good as long as you were near good signal. No complaints at all.

RECEPTION – This part was carrier dependent, and while I had it, the phone seemed to perform very well in that department. In some cases, it had better reception then other people with different phones under the same carrier in the same areas.

VALUE FOR MONEY – Very expensive, I felt like I was paying more for the name brand then for what it was really worth.

Design 8/10
Features 6/10
Performance 0/10

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daryl franklin
posted on 27 Sep 2007, 19:07


bad old days...

man i had this phone and it sucked... it really sucked, the best thing about it is it could change backlight colors, but back then that was like life changing, i would go to school and try to floss and be like yeah that backlight is a different color huh girl... yeah why dont u put ur number in it. WORST PHONE EVER

Design 1/10
Features 1/10
Sound Quality 1/10
Signal Strength 1/10
Value for money 1/10

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