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gian posted on Nov 19, 2007, 8:01 PM



i'm really happy when i had my nokia n-gage. u can install 3rd party application such as mp3's and a lot of games. but i think it would be better if it has built in camera (megapixel ofcourse!) and fm radio. more access for costomization ie; themes, icons, and skin. added versatility in terms of data communication ei; usb port and infrared. but over' good.but i'm still looking forward bout it's improvements someday.

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deadlylfower22 posted on May 19, 2005, 4:06 AM


is this supposed to be the upgraded version?

nokia n-gage was a great idea, but the first product wasn't that good even with the cool features,when QD was released i was expecting a lot, but what happened? where did the MP3 go? and how come there still no camera? come on guys...make the perfect n-gage!!!!

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Borjan posted on Jan 01, 2005, 9:43 AM



i think that this phone is great. Eventhough the first version of n-gage had MP3 , this version i mean the QD
hasnt got any MP3 . But thats not a big problem because you can play the songs by the windows media player. The 3D - graphics are great. Anyway I am from Macedonia ( southern europe ) and thats why i bought
n-gage qd for 250 euros. Thats expensive. I ve heard that i can buy it from the net for 150 euros but the transport is minimum 50 euros. i forgot to say ...


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Werre posted on Dec 08, 2004, 1:59 AM


Superior to the original, but at a cost

Compared to the original it looks better, is smaller, more ergonomic and can actually be used as a (lame) mobile phone.

But it no longer can play mp3 ring tones, and the lack of USB is usability-wise a letdown since most laptop bluetooth software is terrible and everything you upload to it must be xferred via Inbox.

I really hate the originals design flaws. This is much better, but still a compromise. But, at 149 euros it's the cheapest Symbian phone and for emulators, surfing and stuff it beats non-symbian phones 100-0. Easy programmability is a huge plus and I heard someone's porting Python language to it.

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