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MC posted on Sep 25, 2007, 11:19 AM


Viable option, nonetheless disappointing

While this is by all rights a good phone with an excellent display, I was disappointed by two of the phone's selling points (to me), which were Nokia's reputation for having excellent, responsive user interfaces; and the prospect of connecting to a wireless LAN to use the Internet. Neither of these delivered to my expectations.

the phone's lack of responsiveness and slow feedback when initiating processes or pushing any buttons in general was disappointing. In short, the phone is underpowered; I would hazard to say that the OS and display "machinery" is too bloated for the hardware it's running on.

In addition, should you make use of the wireless networking features, setting up connections (providing base connection info, etc.) and actually establishing a connection with a network is not nearly as seamless as I would have liked--though I probably had unrealistic expectations. (By comparison, the iPhone finds and connects to wireless networks easily, much like OS X does.)

The phone is stately and has a no-frills air about it, which I can appreciate, but in the end it didn't really do what I wanted. Perhaps it will do what you want, and since the time I bought the phone, the price has decreased fairly considerably. I'm rating the value based on what I paid for it in August 2006.

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