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Roid posted on Feb 10, 2009, 3:10 PM


Great little phone, though Navigation doesn't really matter

The 6210 is not a phone that's gotten much attention int the North American market, or it seems much anywhere else.  But when you stack up the specs against other S60 devices it comes out very favorably with the additional memory frequently pushing it over the top. 


  • + Compact size
  • + Usable keypad
  • + Extra memory
  • + Great screen
  • + Pretty decent photos
  • + comes with 1 year of Nav/maps service


  • - Decent, but not great camera.
  • - Little bit of slop in slide after some use
  • - Sharp edges on navigation ring gets uncomfortable after a while
  • - Navigation button not reprogrammable (I know there are unsigned apps available for this)
  • - Maps/Nav software nothing great but serviceable.

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