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Heatherm posted on Oct 03, 2009, 7:29 AM


Worst phone ever

I am currently on phone number 4 of this model in only 14 months. Twice the screen went out and twice the ability to charge it stopped working. I now have to get number 5! I have to save the texts on their due to my pending divorce and cant print them or transfer them. I HATE THIS PHONE. Like others have said the camera constantly goes off. and I have had the phone open in my pocket because the button gets hit. The sound quality stinks but I can live with all that if it would just STOP BREAKING!

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Ashley posted on Jun 04, 2008, 9:15 PM


Not for Me

The speaker is placed at the bottom of the phone so every time you close the phone it hits the speaker housing, knocking it loose and eventualy you will only get sound out if you squeeze the phone really hard. I like the button on the side that opens the phone, that's one of the cool features. The buttons placed on the side are in a bad location adn very sensitive (i.e. the camera will take multiple pictures of the inside of your pocket and then next time you go to take a picture you have to delete the other random ones first. Also, the picture quality is low and unless you hold the phone perfectly still the picture is blurry.

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Christine posted on Mar 07, 2008, 8:14 PM



This phone is great for my grandma. She wanted a phone because she has health problems. The keys are big enough for her to see and the speaker is loud enough for her to hear. She loves it.

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OP posted on Feb 27, 2008, 9:40 PM


Awesome Mid-Ranged Phone

One of my favorite features is the push to open button on the right hand side of the phone. Makes it so easy to answer the phone. This has an amazing bright screen, and the processor on the phone is capable of running 3D games with ease and there are a lot of free games you can download. Texting is awesome as well. I can text with one hand faster than I did with my old RAZR with 2 hands. Buttons are nicely spaced out and easy to distinguish. The outside caller ID screen is very nice as well. Pretty big for a flip phone. This phone is also easy to navigate, you can create custom folders for your applications, I recommend getting a memory card because the internal memory is not big at all. The music player is quit decent for a mid-range non music specific phone. You can adjust the noise levels and stereo widening too. This phone has alot of PIM features as well, calendar, notes, tasks, calculator, pretty much all you need. I got this phone for free online thru ATT. Best deal on a phone ever.

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julia white posted on Jan 25, 2008, 8:23 AM


A lot of software features; bad hardware design

The phone has a lot of software applications, but the hardware design is not very good.

Nice features:
Button for 1 hand flip open.
Good size display screens.

Bad features:
Most annoying is the button placement on the sides of the phone. Just holding the phone will often push the camera button, turn it on, and even take pictures, which you then have to delete.
The volume button has the same problem, it keeps getting pushed by accident.
They menu system is complex and time consuming to navigate.

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shannon posted on Sep 06, 2007, 8:45 PM


poor sound quality, nice features

This is an attractive phone with an extensive feature set but the sound quality will have me exchanging it for another model.

The 6126 has all sorts of features, which i don't need to spell out here, most notably the large display and camera. i also found the flip button to be useful. To interface with your computer without bluetooth you need a proprietary USB cable (not mini USB), but they're not very expensive. The PC Suite, which i haven't used, is free- a plus.

For me, this phone is not a good match. What i really want in a phone is (surprise) to be able to carry on a conversation. The moment you connect, you get this subtle fuzzy hiss that muffles and distorts everything in the treble range. That means you're left to guess between rhyming or otherwise similar words. With a little white noise, like traffic or wind, you can't distinguish much at all. i've had to re-listen to voicemail messages up to three times in those situations.

Also discouraging is that when i was getting a second opinion by trading with a Razr user, it was discovered that the 6126's mic was picking up another conversation in the room just as loudly as our own. The Razr's mic wasn't.

i can do without the features- i want call quality.

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Deb posted on May 17, 2007, 6:43 AM


A great phone for mom

I love this phone. I dont have any problems like I did with Samsung.Its nice to have a phone I can rely on. Keeping in contact with my kids is the most important thing. This phone hasnt let me down.

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Frank Ball posted on Mar 23, 2007, 3:53 PM



This is an excellent device. It has suite all of my needs and then some. This phone is the best device nokia device to be had minus a pda. Good Job!!

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