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posted on 05 Oct 2009, 19:42 (Posts: 0; Member since: 04 Oct 2009)


5730 Gaming + Music

this phone not bad for at all..  its lower spec than 5800 but defintely better thn 5530.. here is my exp..- The keyboard is amazing.. you can type really fast with it plus its comfortable..- GPS system works fine..- The new feature "say and play" really really fun..- The sound quite good but too soft if you set loudspeaker but if you use earphone, the sound really really good.. - the processor only 369 Mhz.. and that kinda slow if you filled up about half memory and play n-gage- The camera isnt that good.. i expect more than this..- Dedicated n-gage key make playing funner..- The video playback almost @30fps.. wow..- The battery lasts too short..- Wi-fi works fine..- you get 1 premium n-gage game at the box this phone really good for the one who loves slide and like to have music to in 1 handy phone.. for the price seems unreasonable for QWERTY more expensive than 5800 which touchscreen.. but this isnt bad too..

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 8/10


  • - The feature "say and play"
  • - Dedicated n-gage key
  • - Great keyboard
  • - Video playback @30fps
  • - Wi-fi
  • - The design is great
  • - Features are great and useful


  • - The camera isnt that good plus only with 1 LED not dual LED
  • - The battery only 1000mAh
  • - Loudspeakers sounds quiet and soft
  • - 369 Mhz processor
  • - Quite expensive than touchscreen

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Pavan Lal
posted on 17 Dec 2009, 13:23


This phone can be considered as one of the best QWERTY handsets covering almost all features.
It has the combination of features for Music, gaming and business applications(ofcourse no office editor) that might be sufficient for most users.
But as money matters one can get more applications like touchscreen,better camera etc. for more hefty price tag

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 10/10


  • -Good screen with very good display
  • -8GB card
  • -excellent QWERTY keyboard
  • -Rich features
  • -Reasonable price tag


  • -screen is a bit small
  • -no touch screen (number of samsung QWERTY handsets having touch screen come with less price tags)
  • -3.2MP camera only with no cover
  • -no TV-out

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posted on 07 Oct 2009, 05:56


not awesome, but great phone

simply said, this phone is a great phone..qwerty keyboard that is comfortable to use, dedicated gaming and music buttons, built in WiFi, GPS ++but if u are aiming for a phone with awesome camera, then this phone is definitey not suitable for you..the camera quality is pretty bad..and this applies to the sound quality too..a great phone for it's price..

Design 7/10
Features 9/10
Performance 8/10


  • - QWERTY keyboard is pretty easy to use
  • - dedicated gaming and music buttons are useful
  • - 'say and play' feature is a great feature


  • - 2.4 inches screen feels quite small when accessing WiFi
  • - camera qulity sucks
  • - sound is quite loud but not clear

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Ali Javed
posted on 29 Aug 2009, 17:51



just got it...nyc side-slider...its volume is a bit low thn 5800 but defintely better thn 5530....its has some defects also...camera isnt much good...like the previous review said it has a single LED...but still good and dont forget the speciality of this fone
-3 N-GAGE GAMES...one can b activated with the code
it has all good specs tht a good fone shud have it is recommended for those hu love slides,qwerty and also like to have music on the go................just go for it....a good fone...

Design 8/10
Features 9/10
Performance 9/10


  • QWERTY keyboard+xpress muzik combination
  • good audio volume
  • specially dedicated keys
  • new style


  • copy of E75
  • volume not enuf (4 me hu has 8 mobiles of High sound Quality)
  • small screen
  • camera (its althu good but some of u still may not find it enuf)

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posted on 23 Aug 2009, 23:45



Just got the 5730 yesterday, had the N95 8GB before it.UPTill now it's really a great phone:
- The keyboard is great and very easy to use, I got really used to it by typing blindly for like 10 minutes- The screen wasn't a disappointment, ofcourse annoying after my 2.8" screen but the change wasn't as bad   as I expected, still good.- Its GPS connects in a few seconds,a real improvement compared to my N95- It charges via USB- The camera isn't that good, particularly in low light condition as only single led flash- When using the keyboard for browsing or so you still need to scroll with the controller beside the screen,        which is kinda annoying.- The positioning for the menu and C keys is weird that I press them accidentaly alot.- It's sound quite good not as good as Nokia 5800XM,although sound through earphone is                   minblowing- The say and play feature is fun but I don't think it's that efficient.- Dedicated buttons for music & ngage 
- U get the code to activate 1 ngage game
Anyway if you need a good phone with a keyboard without a very high price i really recommend this one, it's cheaper than the E75 with the very same specs, except if you need a real business phone. So get it if you're thinking about it for it's probably the best qwerty keyboard phone that money can buy at the moment

Design 9/10
Features 7/10
Performance 6/10


  • * Great keyboard,very easy to use
  • * Dedicated gaming & music buttons
  • * USB charging
  • * Say & play feature
  • * Very well priced


  • * 2.4" screen feels small
  • * Not a great device for web browsing
  • * Camera quality not that good
  • * Sound through speakers is not that great

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