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Anonymous posted on Jul 07, 2009, 12:46 PM


Monochrome at its finest

This sleek handset offers a great battery life as well as value for money. It has a very user friendly interface like most of the nokia mobiles. Its keypad offers a resistance to dust as well as a fashionable design. One thing that is disappointing is the fact that the ports and the jack on the right side of the phone are not covered this leaves them open to dust. The torch is not very bright but then again one must remember that it is a phone and not an actual torch. The old rear covers of nokia phones needed to be slid out in order to be removed but this phone has a different mechanism on the rear cover which is not exactly difficult but needs getting used to. Although you are meant to keep your ear at the front of the phone the earpiece is at the back which enables the person next to you to hear the conversation but then again this is not a phone one would want to show off in a crowd


  • very cheap
  • good keypad(dust resistant)
  • user friendly interface
  • long battery
  • fashionable design(very slim)


  • earpiece is on the back of the phone thus invading privacy
  • charging port,headset jack and usb port(which is only used to input the software) are exposed thus enabling dust and other particles to enter
  • the torch is not very bright
  • the rear cover is not easy to remove

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