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Anonymous posted on Mar 23, 2009, 3:08 PM


Yea it's a great phone...when it actually stays on! Have had the phone for about a month and it constantly shuts itself off or restarts it self. I did a software upgrade and it still happens. Apparently a lot of people have had similar problems and report getting a new phone hasn't solved the problem.
On vibrate mode the phone is VERY loud...might as well set it to ringer because the buzzing from the vibration is just as loud.
I liked the phone alot at first...but it has proven to be another Verizon disappointment. Sprint here i come!


  • Great design and features


  • Vibrate setting is very loud
  • CONSTANTLY restarts and shuts itself off

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Anonymous posted on Dec 11, 2008, 8:47 PM



i got this phone and im already bored with it. it does the same thing over and over im mean its just so boring and so simplistic. I hate and the first thing tomorrow for me is getting a new device

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Sifcell posted on Aug 12, 2008, 5:00 PM


Rising to the occasion

Finally upgraded from a Razr, and wanted to stick with Moto for a couple of reasons (mainly because the razr was so good, and I despise samsung). I'm not a text machine, so I didn't need a qwerty board, and I like the idea of a slider, so my choice was between this and the LG Decoy.

The Moto just felt more solid in construction, and looked cooler, while the LG was lighter and had a bigger screen & keypad. I finally went with Moto because of history and price ($49 after rebates). Also, the interface just seemed more intuitive and easy with Moto.

I've lived with this phone for three weeks now, and so far have no complaints. Sound is incredible, it feels solid, and is easy to customize. My only complaints are that it gets smudged up way too easily, and the smaller keypad does take a bit of getting used to. There were a lot of mashed numbers/text at first.

Good phone.

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Andy posted on Aug 06, 2008, 10:34 AM


Very good phone

I bought this phone about a month ago, beginning of August and I so far it is a great phone. This is a great phone for someone looking for a stylish standard phone for calling and media (pics, music, etc.).

Pros: Call Quality is great, good signal, nice display, full of useful/needed features but too many, usb port, micro sd slot, nice weight that makes feel sturdy, good battery life, and looks great!

Cons: Smudges with fingerprints easily, no wi-fi but thats not expected of this type of phone.

Advice: As with all phones make sure that you fully charge the phone before first using it to optimize battery for your phones life. Also I liked changing the menu style to "flux" which you can find under display themes in display settings. Also, I recommend turning the screensaver off to save battery as well as changing the brightness of the display from the default 3 to 2. This will help extend battery life! Lastly something basic but you might not realize at first.. to access the camera hold the tv/camera button rather than just pressing it. Well thats my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

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Joel posted on Jul 12, 2008, 1:07 AM


Best Phone I've owned (and I've owned a lot)

I Got this Phone to replace a Motorola w755 which was incidentally the worst phone I've ever owned. In my opinion, the z6tv has replaced the e815 as the best Verizon phone ever. Super solid feeling phone which rivals a corded land line phone in sound quality.

PROS: Reception - Best I've seen. Only one in five people to hold a signal in a known "dead zone"

Sound Quality - As stated before it sounds like a home phone

Build - solid like a brick. Should hold up to any abuse

Form - If you like a slider you will love this. Practically slides itself open

Memory Card Placement - MicroSD on top of phone is easily accessible

CONS: Weight - may be a pro for some but feels heavy in pocket

Keypad - Very small, not good for texters or fat fingers

Memory Limitation - Newest firmware limits cards to 2GB - WHY?

Overall an awesome, overlooked phone with second to none sound quality and reception.

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Johnnyhowell posted on Jun 22, 2008, 1:46 PM


I like this phone, which I've had since early Feb 08. It met my criteria, which you'd think would be a no-brainer, but was actually tough:

1. On Verizon Network
2. Black
3. Thin candy-bar (not a flip, clamshell)
4. No QWERTY keyboard
5. Camera
6. Durable
7. Legible screen outside

This phone met most of these criteria, except 6, 7. I have a few issues as I've noticed now that weather is warmer that if I sweat into the phone, it renders the buttons useless (for a while). VZ replaced my original phone under the 1-year warranty as some of the buttons never came back to life. I noticed the same problem with the replacement phone, but it hasn't rendered it useless. No, I'm not sweating like a pig, just some normal "what happens when it's 90+ degrees out" sweat.

Next issue has to do with hacking the phone in order to put on my custom ringtones and pictures. I downloaded some hack I bought on eBay and it made MPT (Motorola Phone Tools 4.5.x) work. You have to fool the software and make it think it is a z6m not a z6tv so that the file sharing "Media Studio" will work. This is not supported by Verizon. Otherwise, the phone is nice and I like it. I don't know how the other reviewer (Mr. Vista) is able to directly transfer music and photos to this device. Wanna tell? Thanks, JOHN

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George posted on May 30, 2008, 2:36 PM



Thsi is an awsome phone! It is stylish, very usable, and the TV is great. I love every part of it! One of Verizon's best phones!

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David A. posted on Jan 31, 2008, 1:25 AM


Great durable verizon phone

the problem with most of verizons "flashy" phones is that when u drop them, they crack, snap, and shatter. oh and did i mention pulling the LG chocolate in and out of a jean pocket can scratch the screen?
well motorola finally decided to makeup for making the ever so breakable razr. i have to say my favorite thing about this phone is the screen, it really just doesnt scratch, which i think every phone should have screens like this.

The first thing i noticed about the phone when I got it a few months ago, is the slide is a little wobbly, which i didnt notice until after i purchased the phone, i probably would have gotten it if i knew this off the bat. but im glad i got past that, because the slide is extremely durable, and wont wear out like the chocolates.

The Service on this phone like most Motorola phones seem to out preform there Japanese counterparts, like LG, and Samsung. I have only had a few dropped calls, but this was caused by verizons ever so famous you still have signal, network failures. but the signal on this phone is strong for any phone of its line.

The RIZR V6tv edition has a media flo chip, which i had the opportunity to try while traveling. if this service is available in your area, i would highly recommend this device, the signal is clear, its comfortable to hold while watching the TV and is ONE of the ONLY mediaflo devices without an antenna.

The music playback on the Device speaker is very loud, and not at all distorted, this is caused by dual speakers...  

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Jeff posted on Oct 23, 2007, 1:16 PM


Love More & More Everyday

i have been interested in this phn for a long time i was just waiting to actually test it out that i have it has exceeded my expections by far. The mobile tv service that this phn has to offer is seamless ...Im sure with the service getting bigger and better ...more people with enjoy this feature...also the clarity and sound of the phn is outstanding ...playing music on this phn is like walking around with a boom box on my hip off crisp stereo sound..i could go on and on about but just get it and find out for yourself

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David posted on Oct 15, 2007, 9:55 AM


Great Phone

I received the phone Friday 10/12/07 and it's built solid with nice features. The design makes sense and pairing with Verizon only makes the phone even better.

It's probably one of the better phones Verizon offers. I also have the Blackberry 8830 World Phone and I really enjoy the feel and features that the RIZR Z6TV offers.

I highly recommend.

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FerneyZAN posted on Oct 14, 2007, 10:01 PM



This baby is awesome, in fact I'm glad I have it now because it comparison to any phone I had in the past from Verizon, this phone is hardly crippled. So far, BT file transfers for wallpapers and other things is working with no issues and even the UI overall is improved and not as RED like most Verizon UIs are.. I give it 3 thumbs up...

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Kevan posted on Oct 05, 2007, 11:15 PM


Excellent Phone

Incredible phone! Amazingly enough all the features work flawlessly. Call quality is of the utmost, bluetooth works not only with a headset but with VISTA! If it works with microsoft really works. I can sync music, videos, pics, and files via bluetooth or USB cable. TXT/PIX messaging is very intuitive and responsive. Every aspect of the phone, from colors to numbers can be adjusted. The camera is much better than any camera I have seen on a cellphone in this price range. The 2.0MP takes vivid 1600x1200 clips in landscape mode or 1200x1600 in portrait mode. Video is just as good also. The phone is small, the size of an Apple Nano(the originals, not the new fatties). I actually prefer the sliding option, having access to the menus, camera, and viewing text messages or pictures without opening the phone is great! I can even make a call without opening the phone via voice command or contacts list.
The phone is very responsive, unlike some motorola phones I've used. The screen is very brilliant and bright - however, it can be hard to see in the sunlight thanks to the shiny glass covering it.
Music is stored and managed via the Verizon software....which I gotta say is not really that bad. The speaker is located on the bottom back of the phone and can produce fairly loud, crisp tunes. If you are holding the phone it actually uses your palm to reflect the sound towards you.
I could keep going on about all the great things I like about this phone but I'll stop right here.

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