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Motorola MOTO A810 User Reviews

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posted on 30 Sep 2009, 05:18


Among the cheapest touchscreen mobiles still packing a huge bomb in them... Ha ha ha...By far this is the best phone with me. Have been using this since a year and still over-satisfied with it.

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Performance 9/10


  • Low cost
  • Camera quality(quite good.)
  • Music(3.5mm Jack present.)


  • Battery could have been a little better. Just a little short of what I had expected from it.
  • Little disappointing by this phone not being a Quad-Band frequency.

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posted on 20 Mar 2009, 04:22


In response to battery problems

If, at the time you posted your review, your handset was new this is possibly part of the reason for poor battery performance.
Sometimes it can be because the phone may be hungry on power and may have a large screen.  As a general rule, a handset needs 4 to 5 complete charges from new before full operating performance can be maintained. I usually take the talk and standby times quoted by a manufacturer and half them to get a realistic likely operating time. Remember these times are independent of each other, so with the phone being used and on standby, a lower performance figure should be expected from the battery.  I recommend charging your handset overnight with it switched off.  This will ensure an optimum charge.  After 5 or so charges from new, if the battery is still giving you poor performance, I would be concerned. Two other points to note -
A handset will consume significantly more power when it has an extremely low or even worse, no signal.  Check to see what the signal shows on the handset and note areas of particularly low signal and see whether that corresponds with the poor battery performance.  Finally, if you're using a Lithium Ion or Lithium Ion Polymer battery be aware that unlike NiCad batteries of day gone by, these don't have memory effect so you can charge them more frequently without doing the battery harm.  Don't be hesitant to plug the charger in during the day in the office if you need to but remember that these types...  

Design 8/10
Features 8/10
Performance 3/10

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posted on 21 Nov 2008, 23:55


Serious Battery problem

I am impressed with lot of features available at affordable price but unable to use any feature due to fear of heavy battery consumptions. I switch off my phone between 9.30pm tp 7.30am even then after six  hours one bar disappear then after another three hour second bar get disapper and then after half an hour entire battery get drained and phone gets switched off. I charge my battery for fully four to five hours. I make four to  five phone-receive  five phones /receive three four messages and sending two to three messages and  bettery get totaly consumed. I can not think to listen FM radio or music player nor I acn even think to write a single note. Not to mention to use camera or web surfing which is absolutely not possible due to heavy consumption of battery. Please come with immediate solution so as battery can have a normal life of two to three days for simple use of call and SMS. If phone is left ideal without any use battery get drained after fourteen hours. My dealer gave me best service firstly by replacing new battery and then he replaced the handset even this problem is faced. Now I am seriously thinking to sell this phone by discounted cost and suffer heavy loss. I hope my bettery problem get solved and I can enjoy all best features of this phone. Please reply.

Design 10/10
Features 10/10
Performance 1/10


  • Best features


  • Heavy battery consumption due to which phone require to recharge after four five hours.

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posted on 17 Nov 2008, 02:55


its awesome

it is a cheaper fone that motorola had  launched. its screen touch phone even a coomon can afford to buy it. motorola a810 its trendy, light weighted, very welll designed. i would rate it 8 out of 10

Design 7/10
Features 8/10
Performance 8/10

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