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matt posted on Sep 25, 2006, 5:16 PM



this phone battery doesn't last worth a heck. i work at a hospital in a major city and i lose signal constantly inside and outside. on the flip side i love the phone style no antenna is nice. the way the menus are set up is very user friendly. i have had and seen other phones and i really like this one, aside from the signal strength. mabey that is just my server.

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Unsatisfied posted on Aug 15, 2006, 11:16 AM


Don't get this phone

The battery runs out very quickly. When the battery is low, you can't check messages as when it 'beeps' to indicate low battery, you can no longer push the keys required to check messages. There is no option to have a low volume ring along with vibrate. There is no way to transfer data. When the phone is in use, the battery registers a different strength than when it's sitting. You may have 3 bars of battery left, then it rings, and you go down to the signal where you have no battery left. It's very annoying. I will be replacing this phone soon, and guarantee will not be getting anything similar from LG.

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Corey Bailey posted on Mar 23, 2005, 3:38 AM


Excellent Phone

This phone is excellent for the value. It might not come with games when you buy it but it also is great if you get it with the 24month Term or the 36 Month Term. If you get it from Bell Mobility. I have had this phone for about 3 months and love it. I have dropped it so much but it still works and performs well. I also have the Mobile Browser on this phone. If you ever get a phone get the Mobile Browser. Unlimited helps. Battery life can go down when using mobile browser.

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Anonymous posted on Jan 11, 2005, 8:06 PM


A great little phone!

I absoulutely adore this phone. Not only does it have incredible features and amazing sound quality, but it also looks really nice. And it's a really good price.
I have found it quite hard to find a phone like that. It has all the features of most phones, and they work quite well. I dont get dropped calls and the ringers are nice. The sound quality is incredible and basically,I don't see many faults in this phone.The only thing I noticed is the games can go slowly at times. Nothing veryIf you're looking for a more basic phone that does what it's made to do, then I recommend this. If you're looking for something high-tec with a camera and bluetooth, and all those extras, or you're using it for business, then go for something more at a higher price range.

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Anonymous posted on Dec 21, 2004, 7:59 AM


Trendy basic phone

The LG 5400 (which is also sold in Canada through Bell Mobility) is a solid little phone that has the cool "intenna design". While it may only hae a 4K screen and limited featurers, it does it's job and looks pretty cool doing it.

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John Perkins posted on Oct 17, 2004, 12:06 AM


LG 5400 Performance

The Stand-by time does not seem to match the advertised.
With no use (Only sitting in Standby mode) in a strong signal area the phone needs recharging every 4 days.

The Ringing (tone) Volume is too easy to turn off by accidently catching the wrong key on the key pad and leave with only Vibrate working. Not much good if the phone is not on your body.

The support from LG is very poor you can wait days for a reply and following issues up is a nightmare.

I have been waiting over 2 weeks now to hear about a replacement Battery and to be given a reference number that proves a problem was reported to LG within days of the purchase.

Accessories are almost impossible to obtain.
Data transfer cables seem not to exist. Polyphonic ring tones are not advertised as compatible and the LG web site http://uk.wowlg.com/uk/index.jsp carries no sport related ring tones and very few others.

Overall the phone looks good but does not seem to come up with the goods or the support you would expect!

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