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Kyocera Zio M6000 User Reviews

7.7 Based on 6 Reviews

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Build quality8.7/10
Text input6/10
Everyday usage8/10
UI speed7.3/10
Call quality7.7/10


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posted on 12 Feb 2011, 17:56


sprint sanyo zio

zio has owned it for less than 3 months before publishing this review

Ive had my SPRINT Sanyo Zio for a few months now and i'm happy with it. i'm not sure why people have negative reviews about this phone. . its flaws arnt at the level that some people make them out to be. maybe they are just using the CRICKET Sanyo Zio. the touch screen responsivness is much much better than people say. i can barley brush my fingertip against the screen and it will move the screen. the android market is useful in helping me optimize my phone. all you have to do is look for the things specific to your problem like battery life boosters. while you cant compare it to any high end phone like the Evo, this is an excellent mid-range phone.

Build quality 10/10
Reception 9/10
Call quality 9/10
Internet 8/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 10/10
UI speed 8/10
Everyday usage 9/10
Text input 8/10
Display 10/10
Battery 9/10

zio alternatives:

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posted on 17 Jan 2011, 18:21



Reese29lmno has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

Pretty bulky to me... I haven't had the phone, but for a week. I am working on finding out all that this thing has to offer. So, far there are a few advantages and disadvantages. Totally hooked on apps. and I am on the search for more. The instructions that were provided aren't all that helpful.

Build quality 10/10
Reception 2/10
Call quality 7/10
Internet 9/10
Multimedia 5/10
Camera 5/10
UI speed 5/10
Everyday usage 7/10
Text input 4/10
Display 7/10
Battery 1/10


  • Apps. are killer.
  • It's a phone.


  • Battery life sucks.
  • Phone malfunctioned and went blank white screen and froze with a loud weird sound that followed.

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posted on 21 Dec 2010, 09:29


Sany Zio

Moosekillerwithfarts has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

This is a nice phone for what its worth but since sprint has a sizeable line-up, any one can do better. The phone is very light and with a 3.5 inch wvga resoulution screen, the phone can more than surface, however the color reproduction is a litttle off. The reception is not up to par and call quality is not either.

Build quality 6/10
Reception 3/10
Call quality 7/10
Internet 8/10
Multimedia 6/10
Camera 8/10
UI speed 9/10
Everyday usage 8/10
Text input 6/10
Display 9/10
Battery 8/10


  • Light
  • nice screen
  • decent but not particularly good photos
  • track ball
  • intuitive sprint ID interface


  • color reproduction not the best
  • 600mhz proccseser
  • screen not all that responsive

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posted on 15 Oct 2010, 03:34


The right phone for the right price

My wife and I each got a zio about a month ago and we love them. Cricket catches a lot of heat on the interwebs but I've been very pleased with the 55$ unlimited plan. The phone runs great but as with everything it does have a few drawbacks. As another reviewer stated the back cover is a pita to remove. My zio has locked up a few times on me but it reloads fast enough that I really don't mind it. My wife's has only locked up on her once. The screen is great but space can get a bit limited when the virtual keyboard is up. It also only runs android 1.6 but there are rumors that an upgrade is coming within the next six months or so. Speed wise I don't have any problems, and the camera suits my needs just fine. I had it at a wedding and the pics we're nice and clear and night mode helped a lot indoors. One thing that really bothers me is that my data connection will occasionally lock up on me, requiring a full reboot. But again, because it boots so quick it's not that big of a deal. The picture gallery is slow to load. I love the size, weight,  and shape of the phone. It's very comfortable. Over all, I'm very glad I got this phone. It's not the best android out there but it is still a great phone. I would definitely recommend it to anyone on a budget.

Design 9/10
Features 9/10
Performance 8/10


  • Lightweight, good size and shape. Decent camera. Economical.


  • Video isn't very good, occasionally locks up, limited screen space when virtual keyboard is active.

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posted on 18 Sep 2010, 16:33


Cricket Zio review

It has been almost one week since I got this phone. For the most part I love it but there are some drawbacks. The android technology is truly impressive even though it is a Cricket. Sometimes the phone moves a little slow but it isn’t that noticeable. Downloading the free apps is one of the best parts of owning this phone. My phone froze last night for the first time (less than one week in). I had a hard time getting the back cover off just to reset it. Since then everything has been running smoothly. The camera isn’t the best but with apps this can be improved. I also did not like the fact that text messages only show up in the status bar (all android phones may be like this). The resolution on the screen is impeccable. The battery life sucks when you want to run multiple apps. But for the price of Cricket service this is a definite win. I know I mentioned several drawbacks but bravo to Kyocera is its first smart phone.

Design 9/10
Features 8/10
Performance 7/10


  • Downloading apps
  • Cricket price
  • Screen resolution
  • Lightweight and attractive
  • It does what most smart phones can do


  • Camera
  • Battery life
  • Screen goes off fast (even when settings are changed)
  • Text messages only appear in status bar
  • The buttons are small

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posted on 10 Sep 2010, 00:37


Kyocera Zio M6000

I havent had an android smartphone before the zio so i dont know if i am quailified enough really to be giving a review here but i'll still write my opinion here having had this phone for a few weeks now and starting to get comfortable with android os and you can take it or leave it. First of all id like to say that while i'm sure it would seem sluggish compared to high end phones i see no problems with the speeds of this phone. apps open right away and installs them in a heartbeat. it takes prolly about 2 seconds to go from portrait to landscape view so thats a little slow. i think the trackball and the home, menu, back and search buttons are decently spaced and dont get in the way of each other and they all work well and are responsive. the touchscreen is responsive and works well except for one qwerk and it may just be me and/or all touchscreens may be this way but when in portrait view all the keys on the outer edges towards the sides seem a little hard to press usually ending up in hitting the buttons beside of it no matter how far towards the edge of the button you try to press although in landscape view the keyboard works very well. Also on the subject of the screen...beautiful. very clear crisp picture. the video and picture taking capabilities are not what i thought they would be but they are still very nice. Another problem i have with this phone though nothing major is the camera side button doesnt seem to act like it should...  

Design 7/10
Features 8/10
Performance 8/10


  • - beautiful resolution on screen
  • - responsive touch screen controls
  • - decent operation speed
  • - good starter phone for android noobs.
  • - android os =)


  • - having no physical keyboard the portrait view on screen keyboard is a little hard to use although landscape keyboard works very well.
  • - camera side button is a little awkward to use.
  • - could use a little bit more internal memory.

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