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cbbb posted on Mar 08, 2007, 10:28 AM


amp'd customer service is non existant

My biggest issues with this phone is the battery life STINKS and it requires reading glasses for the display for the +42 yr. old set.
For the money amp'd is a good value.... IF you do not have to port a number over! My bill is much less then when I was with verizon for the same thing more or less. Amp'd customer service is non functioning, the absolute worst.

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Garrett posted on Aug 23, 2006, 11:25 PM


Amp'd Jet Review

When I first received my Jet and made my first call, I was stoked on the call quality. It sounded almost like a landline connection with EV-DO, and making and receiving calls was easy and efficient, unlike the Cingular Contract I had just broken out of. I will never go with Cingular again.

Sound Quality: 9/10
Call Quality was almost perfect, very good for bare-bones calling.

Screen Quality: 9/10
Screen was crystal clear with no issues on color or anything.

Speed: 6/10
The phone was sometimes very slow to move through menus, and backing out to the main screen from Amp'd Live took 3+ seconds at times.

Options: 7/10
All the options for ringtones, wallpapers, camera functions are there, with nothing noticably unique.

Camera: 5/10
Camera can take pictures max 640x480. Picture quality is limited and flash is almost useless in any low light situation. Pictures outside were bright though.

Music Quality: 5/10
I'm a major Audiophile, so I need exceedingly good sound quality or I won't use the device. Unfortunately, this phone doesn't deliver with the packaged headphones sounding tinny and dull.

Battery Life: 6/10
I recommend the extended battery. The standard battery gives me 3 days of standby (That is without one single call) and not even an hour or two of talk time. The phone also gets very hot very quickly when talking and can be irretating to use after a short time. The phone charges relatively quickly though.

Speakerphone: 6/10
The speaker is loud.....  

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st0rm posted on Feb 08, 2006, 12:52 AM


could be great, but...

Small, looks cool, high resolution & contrast, intense graphics, acceptable photo/video camera.

Weak battery, malfunctioning music player, annoying Live portal browser, web browsing is difficult because of unconfigurably large fonts, weak tech suppor

The phone's form factor is small, relatively resistant to easy scratching, and generally.. cool. The slide up function is smooth and affects a slight "Matrix"(as in, "red or blue pill") appeal when it locks into place. Physically speaking, it is a nice vacation from the standard snap-open phones on the market.

As of early February, the Amp'd Live portal is still in a relatively new state, and requires a strong EVDO signal for even basic access. Unfortunately, my signal constantly drops in & out in the Northern VA/DC area, which prevents me from accessing the portal at all. Although the manual says that you can preview content, there appears to be no real ability to do so without paying for it first. Although the portal has several content channels, they are limited mostly to small video clips, trailers and "radio popular" music. Channel surfing is extremely annoying because you're stuck hearing music and channel intro's over & over. Web browsing is fast, but difficult because of the unconfigurably large font sizes.

I have acquired a large collection of digital music over the years and found the ability to copy MP3's to the MicroSD card quite enticing. Unfortunately, the music player refuses to play music...  

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